Student assembly showcase: Annie Wallach and Eden Plepler


Izzy Abbott, Staff Writer

Annie Wallach (11) and Eden Plepler (11) performed “Thank You for the Music,” from the movie-musical Mamma Mia with music by the 80s band ABBA.
Their song choice was based off of a shared love for Mamma Mia and a desire to “give the school some exposure to ABBA,” Wallach said.
“People are often turned off by musical theatre and we wanted to choose a song that everyone could enjoy,” Plepler said.
Despite having been in numerous HMTC productions together, this was the first time Plepler and Wallach performed a duet, Plepler said.
“I was completely terrified about performing in front of school, even though I had always watched other people go up during assemblies,” Wallach said. “But I always wanted to duet with Eden and this was a great opportunity to get over the fear of doing it.”
Plepler, who is playing the role of Hope Cladwell in the school’s upcoming production of Urinetown: The Musical, had also wanted to duet with Wallach and was pleased that Bartels was able to help them find the right time to perform together, she said.
Wallach and Plepler have both been in school choir ensembles led by N-12 Music Program Coordinator Timothy Ho throughout high school, but they feel that participating in the assembly allows them and other students to share talents that others may not always see, Wallach said.
“I hope other people are unafraid to do that they love and not worry about fitting a specific mold or being embarrassed,” Plepler said.