GVB defeats NYAIS rival Rye Country Day


Hanna Hornfeld, Staff Writer

25 seconds into Monday’s Girls Varsity Basketball (GVB) game against Rye Country Day School, Devin Allard-Neptune (10) scored her first points out of 6. The team went on to score 25 points in the first quarter, ultimately winning the game by 30.
The team’s strong start was an important part of their strategy. Aside from playing well, being able to intimidate the other team can play a significant role in how the game unfolds, Halley Robbins (12) said. “Those opening moments were very important for setting the tone,” she said. “You want your opponents to be scared and feel like they’re the ones that have to dig themselves out of a hole, and I think we did a good job of putting them away relatively early.”
In the second quarter they slowed down a little bit, only scoring 9 points, but they came back with another 20 points in the third quarter. By the last quarter of the game, the team was up by so many points that Head Coach Ray Barile put in the younger, more inexperienced players. Those players worked together and ran the offense very well, Allard-Neptune said. Cecilia Coughlin (9), the only freshman on the team, scored the game’s final two points in the last minute.
Rye is not a part of the Ivy League, but the game could still influence the team’s seeding for the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS) tournament, Robbins said. The team’s main goal this year is to win the NYSAIS championship, which they lost last year. Their win against Rye also sends an intimidating message to the other teams, Allard-Neptune said.
Monday’s game was not the biggest of the season, but players still came prepared because Rye was one of their stronger opponents. This season, the team has been playing extremely well, even against the other top teams in the league, Barile said. Out of seventeen games this season, they have only lost one, against Pisgah High School during their basketball tournament in Orlando, Florida over winter break.
Before every game, Barile goes over the opposing team’s particular strengths and weaknesses and prepares scouting reports for the players. Scouting reports list the members of the opposing team and their tendencies: whether they’re a good shooter, their handedness, etc, Allard-Neptune said.
Rye has one offensive player who is exceptionally strong, so before Monday’s game, the team went over ways to defend against her, Robbins said.
The team is the best in the league, Barile said. What makes them so special is that each player is skilled in multiple areas — they are all good at dribbling, shooting, and helping each other. They don’t have to rely on a couple of players in order to succeed, Barile said.
Looking ahead, GVB has a game next Monday, February 3rd, against Dalton, one of the stronger teams in the league. If they win that game, they will earn the title of Ivy League champions, Parikh said.