Taking things into your own hands

Julia Robbins, Editor-in-Chief

Don’t wait for others to do things that you can do. Too often I see students waiting for people in student government to get something done that would be completed much faster if they took the matter into their own hands–and I’m saying this as someone in student government.

Things get done faster when you do it yourself rather than waiting for the CC, for several reasons.The first reason is that if you want something to happen,you almost definitely care more about your idea than whoever you are telling, and therefore have the most passion and enthusiasm to get your idea done quickly and well.

The second reason you’re the best person to advocate for your own goals is that ideas get bogged down in the bureaucracy of student government and other clubs because of how many people are involved in them. If you have an idea, reach out to the student, faculty member, administrator, or staff member who will most directly help bring your objective to light. The less people you bring in on a decision making process, the faster your idea can become reality. That’s not to say you shouldn’t work with other people if you need support, but you should also recognize your own ability to bring about change.

If we truly wanted to empower all of our students, it might be worth dissolving student government. The idea of disbanding student government doesn’t extend to the Student Body Presidents who have unique and specific responsibilities, like serving on the Committee on Instruction. The most common critique to this idea is that dissolving student government would remove the incentive for students to work on initiatives. But I already see students, like the leaders of the Happiness Club, who are improving our community without being affiliated with student government.

Regardless of whether you agree with dissolving student
government, I still think we can agree that all students should feel empowered to create change at school. All empowerment starts from a mentality shift. You need to believe you are able to change your community for the better. I recommend starting with a mass email.