John Mauro, Staff Writer

The Boys Varsity Squash Team ended the season traveling to Hartford, Connecticut to compete in Squash Nationals at The Westminster School.

Playing in the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS) and 2020 (HEAD) U.S. High School Team Squash Championships, they won third third place in NYSAIS with a 14-5 record and obtaining 30 th place finish at nationals.Compared to last year, the team is much deeper in terms of ability and chemistry, Kush

Malhotra (11) said. “We have more talented players than last year, so we’re able to win more
matches.” The team featured both talented players and family dynamics, Daanyal Agboatwalla
(11) said.
Unfortunately, Peter Lehv (12), one of the team’s captains and best players, injured his
thumb and was unable to play in regular games this season. This hindered the team’s ability to
perform at their best, Agboatwalla said.
However, this enabled other players to rise to the occasion, Malhotra said.  “We still
managed to overcome [this], and I think it shows how strong our team really is.”

“Agboatwalla, Malhotra, and Sam Chiang (11) stepped up as leaders and helped the
team,” Lehv said. 
 The three juniors stepped up in matches and led by example on the court, Lehv said.
They also all took the responsibility of getting on court with the underclassmen and sharing theirknowledge, Lehv said.
“Squash is a lot of mental,”  Agboatwalla said. “I know my teammates have helped me a
lot with the mental aspect by cheering me on and encouraging me during a match. 

Agboatwalla believes that the players do better when they have people cheering them on, he said. “I think that was our biggest strength this season.”

For practice for nationals, the Girls and Boys Varsity Squash Teams would often scrimmage against each other and work on improving their fitness, Malhotra said. In the last upcoming days to nationals, the team intensely practiced and challenged themselves.

Beller believes that there were moments at nationals that everybody watching will always remember, he said. “Peter got cleared to play a week before nationals, and he played a grueling match that was watched by hundreds of people in the venue,” Beller said. 

The match went back and forth and came down to the last few points. Lehv was able to win in the last few points in a dramatic fashion, letting out a huge roar, Beller said. In that moment, Agboatwalla saw how much the team meant to Lehv and his teammates, he said.

“We had a really good team going into this year; we overcame our challenges and had a
great season,” Chiang said. “We’re all excited to continue the legacy left behind by our team
next year.”