Sam Mayo (12): The journey of improvement

Yotam Hahn , Staff Writer

“I try to include the underclassmen as much as possible,” Mayo said. “He cares for everyone on the team,” Malhotra said. “We thank him for making our squash team become more like a family,” Beller said. Not only does Mayo lead vocally, but he also leads by example. Everyone sees how hard he works,After being cut from the squash team his sophomore year, Sam Mayo (12) has come a long way to earn a spot in the starting lineup. “In the off-season I started training really hard, and it felt good to see it pay off,” Mayo said. Coming into the season Mayo was projected to be a reserve player, but his hard work and dedication helped him reach as high as number six in the starting lineup, which is a true testament to his hard work, Head Coach Ronnie Beller said.
Stemming from his knowledge of the game and hard work in the gym, Mayo’s on-the-court performance has improved immensely as the season went on, Beller said. “One of his best qualities is his competitive spirit, teammate Kush Malhotra (11) said. “Mayo went 6-4 as a starter this year, which is a great accomplishment playing in the competitive Ivy League, he stepped up big time and I am extremely proud of his efforts,” Beller said.
Aside from his excellent work ethic on the squash court, Mayo has been eating more of a plant-based diet, which has helped him transform his body significantly, Beller said. “He is really motivated and works on his strength and fitness a lot, which is one thing that I along with the rest of the team try to replicate,” teammate Kush Malhotra (11) said.
Mayo had played only a few times in middle school just for fun, but it was not until his sophomore year when Peter Lehv (12) and Tommy Kagan (12) convinced him to start playing seriously.
Mayo has benefited greatly from participating on the school team, “being on the school team exposed me to a high level of squash, since there were people who had been playing their whole life,” Mayo said. The team has also given Mayo a lot of match experience which has taught him how to play his best under pressure, he said. Being on the team has taught Mayo how to be a leader and support his peers, he said.
“He is very knowledgeable about squash,” Beller said. “And as for the younger guys, when Sam talks they certainly listen.”
and we all aspire to attain his level of intensity and work ethic, which has made the team better as a whole, Malhotra said.