Bach at it: Music outreach kicks off music week

Emily Sun, Contributing Writer

Intertwined melodies from Dora Woodruff (12)’s oboe, Margalit Patry-Martin (12)’s clari-
net, Abigail Morse (11)’s alto saxophone, and Johanna Scher (10)’s flute danced through Olshan

Lobby this Monday during I period. As the final act on the first day of Music Week, the HM Music
Outreach Club (HMMOC) Ensemble performed their rendition of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto
No. 2. Woodruff, the co-President of the HMMOC alongside Patry-Martin, chose and arranged the
piece they showcased. She decided on Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto because it sounded good
with the ensemble’s instrumentation, which mostly consists of woodwinds, she said. From December, the Ensemble met once a week to fine-tune their performance. Patry-Martin could not attend the rehearsals, so the first time she played the Concerto with the rest of the group was during the show, she said. “I was sight-reading it and I hadn’t heard the piece, but
the other people helped me a lot.”

During rehearsals, the rest of the ensemble practiced until the distinct tones of their instru-
ments flowed together and complemented one another, Morse said. Woodruff came up with
an exercise where each member would start the piece at a different place and they would try to
get back on track. This helped the group “get to know each other’s parts well and get used to listening to each other and playing based off of
that,” Woodruff said.They also experimented with dynamics in the piece, Morse said. “We were thinking about how phrasing was musically and then talking to each other about it to make it more interesting and keep the audience engaged.”The HMMOC began a few years ago to help Upper Division students fulfill their service-learning requirement. They bring live musicto hospitals, including the VA Medical Center, a veteran’s clinic in Kingsbridge, and the WartburgCenter, a nursing facility in Westchester, Morse said.

After the switch to grade-wide service-learning days, the club became a place for people who
want to “give back and have a fun experience playing [music] with other people,” Patry-Martin
said. Scher’s favorite part of the program is how “the people that you play to get to know you, and it’s nice to see them again and to see new faces.”

Since the start of the school year, the HMMOC has had three concerts. There are usually ten per-
formers who are either part of the Ensemble or play solo pieces. The club has two more perfor-
mances coming up, as well as a Service Learning Day workshop, Woodruff said.

In the future, the HMMOC hopes to play at new venues, bring more people into the club, and
diversify the genres of music that they play so that they can reach a larger audience, Morse said.