Q-tips: Quarantine tips from seniors


“Personally, video games have kept me talking to and close to my friends. I also play card/board games with my family every night. I’m a person who kind of needs to be doing something while hanging out with friends to bond with them and of course that’s not as easy in quarantine but we still have fun.” – Daniel Lee 


“Although the circumstances are different, maintaining the same activities as pre-quarantine but through a different medium has helped me pass time and connect with people that I wouldn’t normally connect with in zoom classes.” – Paul Wang


“I love discord (a chat channel for text, image, and audio communication) and it brought the debate team together during the Tournament of Champions, a turbulent time.” – Owen Karpf 


“If you see something that reminds you of someone- text them!” – Claire Griffin 


“Since we are missing our Senior Spring, some of my friends have been making video compilations using clips from high school and passing them around. It’s a great way to reminisce and connect with each other while we are living in the q!” – Sarah Acocelli