Not ready to let go: why seniors still need guidance

In this week’s issue of The Record, an article discusses the Guidance & Counseling Office’s initiative in which counselors spoke to grades 9-12 about what resources the office makes available to them.

The office did not formally meet with seniors; ideally, seniors are aware of what the Counseling & Guidance Office entails. However, this doesn’t mean that the senior class shouldn’t take advantage of the resources offered. Last night was Letting Go, a night Guidance & Counseling organized for seniors and their parents to discuss the transition from high school to the next stage in our lives.

A lot of people think that senior year is stressful only because of the college process, and that third trimester is supposed to be “easy” because we are done with applications. The college process creates significant stress, but for most seniors even though we know where we will physically be next year, we are unsure of what leaving high school will entail emotionally. Much greater than the stress associated with the college application process is the emotional weight of the unknown that lies ahead.

While Letting Go was a great event for our grade, we would have liked to have conversations regarding this transition earlier in the year. One way to accomplish this would to have workshop once each trimester with seniors through English classes, since everyone is enrolled in that subject. The workshops could help us better process moving on, as many of us have been feeling emotional for weeks and felt alone until last night.

We encourage the seniors to reach out to Counseling & Guidance in the next few weeks, whether it is the first time or the 100th time that you have stepped into the office. Go alone, or with a friend. It can be validating to have these conversations together. If you do not feel comfortable reaching out to Counseling & Guidance, please find someone – whether it’s your teachers, the CoCo, or a peer – with whom you can share your concerns.

We know that third trimester senior year should be carefree and fun because there is  less pressure on our grades. However, it is normal that this period in our lives can also be one of the most stressful, not because of the workload but because of the emotional toll that comes with all the transitions and unknowns associated with ending high school.