Welcome new UD history teacher: Dr. Lauren Meyer


Oliver Lewis, Staff Writer

History runs in history teacher Dr. Lauren Meyer’s blood. “My father was a history teacher for 40 years, so I grew up learning about history from a very young age,” Meyer said. “As I grew older and studied history as an undergraduate, and then in my doctoral program, I found that learning about history gave me the tools not just to understand the operation of the world around me, but helped to probe my place in it.”  Meyer will join the History Department this year to teach Atlantic World History and United States History. “Learning history offers [us] the skills to think critically and specifically about oneself and one’s place in the world — in short, it helps us to be better humans,” she said. Growing up, Meyer’s family vacations incorporated trips to historical sites. She often read historical fiction for fun, and she learned to ask questions about how and why the world looks the way it does now, Meyer said. Prior to earning her PhD in African American Studies from Yale University, she taught high school history for seven years in Massachusetts and New York, focusing on ancient and modern world history, United States history, and sexual politics. Meyer also taught classes at Yale University in the African American Studies Department such as Black Freedom Struggles, Civil Rights and Women’s Liberation and African American History: Emancipation to the Present. With two young children at home, Meyer has had an active summer that involved hikes, beach trips, and playing in the garden, she said. During quarantine, Meyer said she learned to be more present, to heal, and to be thankful through a “gratitude group” with her friends. On March 1, Meyer gathered with some friends who decided to share a list of what they are grateful for each day, a habit she has continued since then. “I can remember every day to be thankful for something like my breath, which during the time of COVID-19, is truly something to be grateful for,” she said.