Welcome new computer science teacher: Samuel Gruen


Emma Colacino, Staff Writer

Computer science teacher Samuel Gruen ‘04 will be returning to the school to spearhead the expansion of the engineering section of the Computer Science Department. “This is kind of a homecoming for me,” Gruen said. Gruen, who will be teaching Introduction to Engineering, said he is looking forward to working with students who have new perspectives on engineering problems. “While Mr. Gruen certainly has computing experience, his degree is in industrial engineering and bringing a product to and through development and into production is really his expertise,” Dean of Faculty Dr. Matthew Wallenfang said. After his graduation from the school, Gruen attended Washington University in St. Louis, where he majored in History. Gruen later attended New York University and earned his Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering. Gruen used his engineering experience at the Mount Sinai health system to improve the flow of patients in and out of the hospital, the patient registration, and the electronic medical record systems in which patient information is held, he said. This summer, Gruen also worked with a company to open a COVID-19 testing facility based in Manhattan that will process as many as 40,000 tests per day. Gruen considered teaching for many years, and he felt that this teaching position at the school would be a good fit for him, he said. “When I was thinking about what I wanted to do next in my career, I thought back on what I enjoyed the most, and it was working with other people on my team or others in an organization and mentoring,” Gruen said. Additionally, Gruen wants his Introduction to Engineering class to spend time working in the engineering lab, he said. “I hope students come to the classroom really excited to get their hands dirty, figuratively and literally.”