Welcome new computer science teacher: Samuel Grunebaum


Emma Colacino, Staff Writer

All the way from Malaga, Spain, computer science teacher Samuel Grunebaum is bringing his technological knowledge to the school, where he will teach Programming in Python, Computer Science 2, and Mobile App Development. Grunebaum is particularly fascinated by how computers run programs, connect to the Internet, and connect to other devices. He enjoys teaching because it allows him to learn while helping others learn. “Teaching helps me think about things in new ways constantly,” Grunebaum said. When deciding where to teach, Grunebaum was drawn to the school because of its students’ interest in discussing advanced subjects, he said. “My impression of Horace Mann is that there’s a lot of really driven students there who are really enthusiastic about learning.” After deciding to apply to teach at the school, computer science teacher Lester Lee, a former college classmate of Grunebaum, helped Grunebaum learn more about life at the school. “He had a lot of positive things to say about his first year working at Horace Mann, so that definitely drew me to apply and to ultimately start working here,” Grunebaum said. While Grunebaum is excited to teach his computer science courses, he also hopes to participate in the music program at the school, he said. He has been playing piano since he was five, and he performed in New York City jazz clubs in high school.