Welcome new computer science teacher: John Tomczak


Emma Colacino, Staff Writer

A decade ago, computer science teacher John Tomczak entered high school and was introduced to computer science for the first time. He immediately became intrigued by the subject, and now, he hopes to inspire the same enthusiasm in his students. He will be teaching Introduction to Python, Introduction to Java, and AP Computer Science. While Tomczak knew he wanted his career to be centered around computer science since high school, he did not consider teaching until his senior year of college, when he reflected on his positive experience with his high school teachers. “I love those people,” he said. “I don’t know why I wouldn’t try to be that.” Tomczak’s first teaching experience was at the St. Johns School in Houston, Texas, where he not only taught computer science courses and electives, but also coached the golf team, assisted in running a finance study group, and chaperoned programming competitions. After leaving Houston and temporarily moving home to Buffalo to teach virtually, Tomczak was drawn to the school because of its reputation of having excellent teachers, students, and curriculums, he said. Tomczak then met with Dean of Faculty Dr. Matthew Wallenfang and learned that the school’s Computer Science Department is significantly larger than that of his previous school, where he was one of two teachers in the department. “I was shocked and thrilled by the prospect of having a full department with a full department head,” Tomczak said. During the summer, Tomczak and his family spent time outdoors in Buffalo, often sailing, golfing, wakeboarding, or water skiing. Tomczak is eager to meet students and faculty in person this fall, he said. “I’m looking forward to bringing what I learned over to you guys, but also learning how to adapt to the culture, the systems, the needs, and the desires of Horace Mann.”