Welcome new UD French teacher: Dr. Stella Vincenot-Dash


Jillian Lee and Lucas Glickman

“Whatever the level of French [is] or the class I’m teaching, what is most important for me is to give my students a love for French and Francophone culture,” said French teacher Stella Vincenot-Dash, who will be teaching French 2, 3, and 3 Honors. After studying in France and the Caribbean, Vincenot-Dash received her PhD in French Literature and French from New York University. Prior to coming to the school, she was a lecturer at Rollins College. She is adamant about providing her students with the best education possible by staying informed about the latest educational tools, World Languages Department Chair Pilar Valencia said. Education has had a tremendous impact on her life, Vincenot-Dash said. “It’s one of the most important jobs because it really allows a person to experience things beyond what they would experience in their family, for example, or their community.” Additionally, Vincenot-Dash values the school because it is an inclusive environment where education can thrive. “I know it’s a community I trust,” Vincenot-Dash said. “It’s a community for which the question of diversity is very important.” Vincenot-Dash is witty, intelligent, and charming, and she will form wonderful connections with her pupils, Valencia said. Vincenot-Dash’s students can expect to be fully engaged and always on their feet in her class, she said. “A school with students [that] are very motivated and the emphasis put into academic achievement was really appealing,” Vincenot-Dash said. “I look forward to getting to know them and contribute to the school.”