Welcome new UD Spanish teacher: Dr. Osdany Morales


Simon Schackner, Staff Writer

Spanish teacher Dr. Osdany Morales, who has written two novels, will be teaching Spanish 2 Honors and Spanish 4 this year. Morales was born in Cuba and spent his undergraduate years studying architecture, going on to work as an architect in Havana, Cuba for two years. During his time at university in Cuba, Morales developed a passion for fiction. “I was reading a ton of books and decided that I was just going to start writing some myself,” he said. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in architecture, Morales published his first work of writing, a series of short stories titled “Minuciosas Puertas Estrechas.” He moved to New York in 2011, where he received his PhD at New York University in Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature. While studying at New York University, he published his second book, “The Last Librarian,” an award-winning novel about a writer who honors his muses through creating literature. Morales will emphasize teaching his students about Spanish culture. This includes reading poems by popular Spanish poets, such as “Pablo Neruda,” and watching Spanish movies, alongside teaching the actual language, he said. “It does not make sense to separate the language from the culture that comes with it,” he said. Although Morales taught Spanish at NYU, he will face an entirely new challenge teaching high school Spanish classes, he said. “Teaching people who are just beginning to interact with the language is a good test for me,” he said. “I will have to adjust.” Spanish Department Chair Pilar Valencia is looking forward to having Morales join the department. “Dr. Morales impressed us with his professionalism, his calm demeanor, and the intelligently crafted and clear lessons he prepared during the interview process,” she said. “I’m confident that students are in for a treat.”