Welcome new UD math teacher: Varun Prabakar


Simon Schackner, Staff Writer

Not long ago, math teacher Varun Prabakar was on stage performing a satirical song at the Second City, a comedy club in Chicago. Now, Prabakar will be teaching Geometry and Algebra 2 and Trigonometry at the school. At The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Prabakar studied statistics and probability, two of his favorite mathematical topics, he said. After Wharton, Prabakar worked at Hard Eight Futures, a proprietary trading firm. The firm uses statistics and other types of math to make educated bets on the stock market and invests in it. Prabakar is looking forward to teaching in a new work environment. “Everybody seemed so self-critical,” he said. “They held themselves up to a very high standard as teachers.” He said he seeks to push these standards of teaching even further. In his classes, Prabakar hopes to show students the beauty of math and its importance in the real world. “It offers as much room for creativity as any other subject,” he said. Problem solving in math directly translates to problem solving skills in the real world, he said. This is a discovery to which he aims to lead his students. Prabakar’s interests extend far beyond math and business. He is also a devoted comedian, and he specializes in sketch comedy, which is a short series of acted-out scenes, such as those seen on Saturday Night Live. Prabakar spends lots of time writing sketch comedy, and he has participated in improv comedy at the Second City, he said.