Exploring journalism and literature in the Middle Division: The HM Post

Rowan Mally, Staff Writer

As Middle Division (MD) students navigate their busy lives, the HM Post provides them with an outlet to express their diverse interests with the student body. 

The publication does not confine its writers to a certain theme or topic, English teacher and faculty adviser Morgan Yarosh said. Rather than publishing about one topic, like fashion, science, or literature, Yarosh sees the HM Post as an outlet for students to showcase their interests as well as their reporting and writing skills, she said. “We know what already exists, so we use the HM Post to fill any gaps in between for the students,” she said. In the past, students have written pieces ranging from personal poems to faculty introductions and even book reviews. 

Emily Park (7) was drawn to the publication’s wide variety of genres, she said. 

The publication’s flexibility was also an important factor for Evelyn Gross (6). “I joined the post because I love writing and really enjoy how we can write about anything we please,” she said.

The publication’s informality allows it to flourish, Yarosh said. “I would often just discuss ideas with students as I passed them in hallways or in between classes,” she said. 

While online school has barred hallway conversations, Zoom does have its advantages, Yarosh said. “Now our meetings are much more formalized,” she said. “We meet once a week, and it is at a time when we are all together to discuss ideas and the projects that the students are working on.”

Park’s interests have shifted from writing to reporting as the HM Post offered new opportunities, she said. “Now, I love to interview my teachers who are new to HM, so the Middle Division can get to know them better,” she said. Gross also hopes to write more personal pieces and is currently planning to work on an article about important lives lost this year, she said. 

The transition to a primarily digital format has made the publication’s work even more accessible and interactive, Yarosh said. “The digital format is especially interesting because now some students that are interested in design are trying to find ways to change the format of the site,” she said. “Yet another way for the students to express themselves.”

Gross hopes the digital format will allow even more of her fellow students to read and comment on her work. “I’m looking forward to publishing, seeing all the replies, and telling people about my personal opinions,” she said. 

While the HM Post is still in its early stages, coming into its third year of publication, Yarosh is seeing a rising number of students wishing to share their interests with the MD. “We are getting a more eclectic mix of student interest,” she said. “That is the goal.”