Trump for President


Anonymous Students

Donald Trump: No two words are more taboo to the overwhelmingly liberal Horace Mann student body. To Trump supporters like us, it often feels like this condemnation extends not only to Trump but to all who support him, the so-called “deplorables” and racists. We are neither. This piece is being submitted anonymously because at Horace Mann, there is extreme pressure to conceal politically conservative beliefs. Our options are to pretend to be aligned with policies which we disagree with, or to express our real beliefs and be penalized and ostracized.

Dueling echo chambers result from the school not creating safe spaces for conservatives to speak. This situation prevents constructive dialogue and benefits nobody. Horace Mann needs to acknowledge that politics is an area in which reasonable and decent people can disagree. Especially in an educational environment such as ours, we should all feel free to express our sincerely held views. We value what the Trump administration has done over whatever Trump himself has tweeted. We do not support every thought that comes out of Trump’s mouth. Rather, we make the argument that the actual policies that he has implemented have, on balance, benefited American citizens and greatly advanced our global standing.

It is easy to reject President Trump out of hand on account of some of the things he has said over the course of his life. What requires more thoughtful, complex analysis, however, is to take notice of his leadership of the country. Many of President Trump’s greatest successes concern the economy. His tax reform legislation lowered the income tax rate for individuals in nearly every bracket. Under President Trump’s leadership, the nation experienced consistent growth in both GDP and employment levels pre-COVID, eventually reaching the highest total employment the US had ever seen. Unemployment rates for Black, Hispanic, and Asian Americans each hit their all-time lows. Wages grew across the board, with the median household income hitting the highest recorded rate in U.S. history. It was, indisputably, the most strong and successful economy any nation in the world has ever seen, and every American benefited as a result of it.

Trump’s deliberate piloting of the economy has not only propelled untold numbers of Americans out of poverty, but it has quite literally saved thousands of American lives. While the exact number is debated by statisticians, for every percent unemployment rises, a certain number of deaths occur, generally understood to be in the tens of thousands. A similar statistical link has been confirmed between economic growth and a decrease in the number of citizens living below the poverty line. Many dismiss President Trump’s economic achievements, claiming that a strong economy benefits only the rich. This is simply incorrect. A strong U.S. economy benefits all Americans, as well as many others around the world.

Additionally, President Trump has advanced peace in the Middle East, halting the meteoric growth of ISIS, and achieving landmark diplomatic agreements between Israel and a number of Middle Eastern countries. Most recently, ISIS was forced to relinquish the entirety of its land holdings, eliminating an epicenter for terrorist activity and recruitment. In the process, a region of more than 12 million people was liberated from its oppressive control. Even the President’s critics have praised his efforts toward peace in the Middle East. The Abraham Accords formally established diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, and Bahrain, with all three nations acknowledging for the first time Israel’s right to exist. These achievements have already created a more stable political climate in the Middle East.

President Trump also signed the FIRST STEP Act into law, achieving much needed reform in the federal criminal justice system as well as improvements in the treatment of federal inmates. This legislation shortened or eliminated a number of mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenses and allowed for many people already incarcerated under those minimums to be released from prison or have their sentences reduced. These reforms specifically targeted racist disparities in sentencing between crack cocaine and powder cocaine. The act further mandated improvements in federal prison conditions across America, earning landmark gains such as barring the use of handcuffs on pregnant inmates.

In addition to the accomplishments above, Trump has revamped the US military, providing desperately needed funding to modernize our weaponry and increase wages for our men and women in uniform. President Trump stood up to China for its economic malfeasance, penalizing the country and certain of its business entities for blatantly violating American and international trade law. He provided millions in both short and long term funding for historically black colleges and universities across America. Finally, he passed a number of reforms to the Veterans Affairs bureau to help provide critical support and care to those who have served this country.

Perhaps the most widespread condemnation of President Trump relates to his handling of COVID-19. In this regard, it is important to note that this has been a global pandemic and that the entire world has struggled with this disease. For a long time and arguably to this day, experts have been sharply divided on how to best contain the virus. President Trump acted decisively, however, moving to shut down travel early on, saving many thousands of American lives in the process. There remains genuine disagreement on whether lockdowns are successful at tamping down the virus, as evidenced by the events that have taken place in Italy. Further, the potential benefits of lockdowns must be weighed against the enormous costs. Every day the nation was in lockdown, countless businesses, large and small, were forced to shut their doors, and many Americans were put out of work, leaving them struggling to pay their rent and feed their families. As noted above, unemployment quite literally costs lives. 

In conclusion, do we agree with everything Donald Trump stands for? Of course not. He has several character flaws, but at the end of the day we are voting for his policies, not his tweets. We hope we have demonstrated that the actions of the Trump administration over the last four years have enormously benefitted both America and Americans, and we are proud to support President Trump for another four years.