Biden for President


Nathan Zelizer

There are two ways to make the pro-Biden case. The first one is by attacking President Trump; the second one is by examining Biden’s policies. This piece will make the latter argument.

The most prominent issue in America currently is COVID-19. To counteract this, Biden will “Make Testing Widely Available and Free.” Although this plan does not outline the actual piece of legislation that Biden would propose, the rhetoric Biden uses shows how seriously he will take this virus. Biden also wants to regain American moral authority on the global stage, so he will make sure that the fight against the Coronavirus is an international issue. 

The second major crisis that the U.S. faces right now is the plight of systemic racism. Biden has repeatedly addressed systemic racism as a threat to our nation, which is significant because many politicians deny the existence of systemic racism. Selecting Kamala Harris as his running mate indicates what his presidency will look like. Looking back, it is true that Biden played a large role in the 1994 Crime bill, but he also has publicly denounced the bill. This issue is of pressing importance in this election and Biden’s stance takes measure to continue the process of fighting for equality in our country.

The third plight that our country faces is a significant economic crisis. Biden has proved to the country that he can navigate through a recession. In 2008, he was in charge of controlling a large part of the economic recovery and generally stopping the recession from turning into a full-blown depression. Biden handled that crisis effectively and persuaded enough legislators, from both sides of the aisle, to vote for the economic relief that the country needed. 

While this is all true, the economy is one of Biden’s weaker points. Higher taxes coupled with conservative fear-mongering always scare the general public. Biden’s tax plan is not as liberal as many in the party would like; he has repeatedly pledged that he will not raise taxes on anyone making below $400,000 a year. The most notable increase in taxes is in corporate taxes. His plan raises the corporate tax from 21% to 26%. He also will decrease the number of tax cuts given out by around 50%. Most of that 50% will come from the ultra-rich, and not the working class. Generally, people do not like the idea of higher taxes. But, Biden has shown that he knows how to use that new revenue to stimulate the economy, which the country badly needs right now. 

Of course, none of these policies can be done without some level of Republican support. Biden, in his almost 50-year long political career, has shown that he is one of the best at working across the aisle. One of his main responsibilities as Vice President was to persuade Republicans to support his agenda. This message is at the heart of his campaign, as Biden constantly talks about how he is running for the heart of America. Biden is a moderate Democrat who has already gained the endorsement of many major Republicans, including Former Governor of Ohio John Kasich and three former RNC communication directors, and the unofficial support of many other ex-law makers. Biden is the perfect candidate to deal with the divisiveness of our time.

Biden takes the most criticism from both parties about his climate change policy. Biden has openly fought against the Green New Deal and many other more extreme climate change counter-measures. For instance, he refuses to agree to add banning fracking, mainly in Pennsylvania, to his agenda. While most of these policies come from him trying to boost his election bid, it is still important to recognize that Biden does not go as far as many people want him to go. Biden will make progress in fighting climate change; for one, he has repeatedly pledged to make all of his climate-related decisions based on advice from top scientists. Biden also made the United States a carbon net neutral high on his policy list. It is clear that he sees this crisis as an opportunity to not only fix our environment but to create a large number of jobs as well.

Of course, little of the Biden plan is possible without international backing. Biden served as the chair of the Senate Foreign-Relation for around five years. During this time and his time as vice president, Biden has gained considerable respect in the international community. Biden has always aimed to make sure that America continues to be an extremely important leader in the international community. Biden will make sure that America gains back the moral authority that it lost in the past four years.