Advice from your MD peers for HM Online 2.0

“Social distancing isn’t social; it’s just physical. Don’t be afraid to call your friends, and keep in touch!”


“Use blue light glasses! They help with the drowsiness from staring at a screen for a long amount of time.”


“We all get stressed out sometimes. Let your lunch breaks be a break from work as much as possible. Use it as your free time.”


“I would keep your phone in a different room entirely, because you’re going to pick it up. I wouldn’t test it.”


“Zoom school is more repetitive and it’s harder to stay focused. Taking time away from being online helps you to refocus.”


Keep a planner and stay VERY organized! It’s much harder to stay focused and productive online so this really helps!


It’s normal to feel stressed out, email your teachers or advisors if you need help.


It may be difficult, but this is only for a while. Just try your best, and you’ll get there.


Keep calm and carry on!