The Stories Behind the Songs: Wind Ensemble

Jillian Lee and Malcolm Furman

In the upcoming virtual concert, the Wind Ensemble will play “Foundry,” composed by John Mackey. Music teacher Michael Bomwell said that rather than performing multiple songs like in past years, the ensemble will be playing one piece due to the difficulty of rehearsing and filming amidst the pandemic.

Bomwell selected the piece for this year’s assembly because it was written to incorporate items and objects that can be found anywhere and repurposed as instruments, he said.

Trombonist Alec Jackson (9) said the piece brings out a lot of emotions. “It’s intense and dynamic,” he said. “Individually, one person’s role can seem unimportant, but when the ensemble comes together each role becomes necessary for the piece to work.” The percussion provides a baseline that the brass and wind instruments can go along with to make the piece come together, Jackson said. He said it was challenging to record such an energetic piece individually, but is excited to see the end result.

Bomwell believes that the performance will still bring the same amount of gratification that a live performance would. “It’s not an ideal situation, but we want to show that we can still make music together and we can still bring people together in this way,” he said.