Stories Behind the Songs: HM Orchestra

Ava Lipsky, Staff Writer

The graceful notes of string instruments rang out in harmony as the Upper Division (UD) Orchestra practiced for their performance of Mozart’s A Little Night Music (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik in German) and the annual performance of Romberg’s Toy Symphony for their upcoming virtual concert. 

“[A Little Night Music] is a fun recognizable piece for both the orchestra and for any audience who sees the performance,” Orchestra Director Nathan Hetherington said. “The Romberg, we do every year. It’s our traditional piece where the seniors are featured.” 

The Toy Symphony is a more lively piece, which features the seniors playing toy instruments along with the orchestra. Hetherington introduced the piece to the holiday concert when he began teaching at the school, he said. “I was looking to start some new traditions, and I wanted a way to feature the seniors.” 

Hetherington said it is important to incorporate the Romberg into the concert this year so that the seniors could play their toys, despite the present circumstances. “At this point, it gives us something to look forward to every year,” he said.

“The fact that we were all able to get together this fall on a regular basis in the same room and make music together was pretty joyous,” Hetherington said. “We needed a piece that can help match that.”