The Stories Behind the Songs: Treble Choir

Allison Markman, Contributing Writer

The Treble Choir will release two upbeat renditions of a Hawaiian song and a soul song for the school to enjoy in this virtual concert. 

One song is a contemporary Hawaiian Christmas song performed in English called “Christmas in the Islands.” The song describes Hawaii around Christmas time, Music Department Chair and Treble Choir director Timothy Ho said. 

The song will also feature acclaimed Hawaiian musician and skilled pianist, Aaron J. Sala, and his wife, Makanani Sala, a professionally trained hula dancer from Hawaii; both will perform and dance alongside the choir. When Ho chose the piece, he wanted to feature performers from Hawaii to sing along with his students, he said. “My intention of that was to show that even though we’re in this time where we’re completely isolated, we still have ways of reaching out and understanding that there’s a larger world that’s out there,” Ho said.

Their second song,“You Gotta Be,” by Des’ree, is an upbeat, pop melody that features three soloists: Piper Wallace (11), Isabella Abbot (12), and Kareena Gupta (12), with beatboxing by Ben Rosenbaum ‘19. Ho chose this piece because of its uplifting, positive message that will hopefully be beneficial to the students during these unprecedented times by spreading some joy throughout the community, he said. The song’s lyrics “you got to be hard, you gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger. You gotta be cool, you got to stay calm, you gotta stick together and all I know is love will save the day,” help convey this optimistic message. “I think it’s something we all need to hear right now,” Ho said.

Ho hopes his students will feel a sense of pride with the work they have accomplished so far this year, and that the songs have a sense of expansiveness and dispense a sense of connection to other people throughout the world.