Holiday Review: Home Alone

Purvi Jonnalagadda

Of the many Christmas movies available to us during the holiday season, “Home Alone” is a popular comedy that never fails to entertain. For those who haven’t watched this movie, it chronicles the story of a kid who is forgotten by his family and left at home over Christmas. Kevin McCallister, the main character, is an eight year-old boy planning to travel to Paris with his entire family, including cousins, aunts, and uncles, for Christmas. The night before their departure, Kevin misbehaves after his family members irritate him. Kevin is forced to sleep in the attic as punishment, which is when it all goes downhill. The next morning, the family is running late and in all the chaos, nobody remembers to wake Kevin before they leave. Kevin has been left home alone. Staying home alone is Kevin’s dream, and he initially enjoys this freedom. Soon, however, he discovers that two robbers are planning to break into his house. Realizing that he is the only one who can protect his territory, Kevin sets up various traps. The movie ends happily as the burglars are caught and Kevin’s family returns just in time for Christmas celebrations. 

“Home Alone” is one of my favorite movies because of its seemingly unrealistic aspects. On top of that, the audience is able to see how Kevin sets up the innovative traps and the blueprints he uses to do so. The movie is comedic, especially because an eight year-old is able to outsmart two burglars while only using homemade traps. However, while any kid Kevin’s age would likely be afraid to be left at home for so long, Kevin celebrates his independence. Moreover, in reality, an eight year-old would probably knock on a neighbor’s door or go to the police if left in such a situation; Kevin, on the other hand, takes a trip to the grocery store and cooks for himself. Although “Home Alone” may be unrealistic, that is part of what makes it so humorous and what earns it the title of a holiday classic. After all, who would want to watch a movie in which nothing goes wrong?