Cinemann magazine launches new website

Mira Bansal and Lucy Peck

Cinemann, the school’s publication focused on entertainment, film and television, released its new website over the winter break. The site features Cinemann’s traditional articles, along with trivia, games, and links to Youtube videos of movie clips. Cinemann Editor-In-Chief Jaden Kirshner (12), Divya Ponda (10), and Sarene Choudhury (10) created the site together using, a website construction tool that allows its users to customize their websites with multiple tabs and designs.

The team designed the website by picking a background image, adding text and picking fonts, and then scanning articles for the transfer to online, Ponda said.

English teacher Dr. Deborah Kassel, the publication’s faculty advisor, helped keep the articles organized, Komaroff said.

Users who access the website are directed to a homepage consisting of four different sections: Articles, Videos, Games, and About Us. The homepage of the website includes announcements which provide links to join Cinemann or to win a Cinemann merchandise giveaway.

Komaroff hopes users will engage with the wide variety of videos and articles available on the website, he said.

Many students stay home and watch more television than before the pandemic, Komaroff said. Students may be in need of movie recommendations and will hopefully use the website as a result. The contributors at Cinemann hope the website, which is both interactive and accessible, will bring in new readers, he said.

When the magazine was printed, they were limited by the number of pages that could be printed, Komaroff said. The articles’ maximum length was two pages. However, an online format will provide them with the ability to upload unlimited content, he said.

Clips such as Krishner’s collection of Best Spoiler-Free Movie Scenes are available in the video section. Having the magazine online makes uploading videos like Kirshner’s possible because contributors are able to add links directly to the website, which creates a more interactive and captivating experience, Choudhury said.

The Cinemann website also has an archive, Ponda said. She transferred all articles from 2018 to the present into an online version available on the website so that current and future contributors can review past articles that fellow authors wrote.

One of Komaroff’s favorite parts of the online magazine is that future students can add onto what was written about past films, he said.

Additionally, Cinemann plans to expand to social media platforms such as Instagram, which can grow its reader base even further, Kirshner said. Ultimately, Kirshner’s goal is to reach out to other schools and build a network in which students with a common interest in film can share their ideas. The online format will allow for other people outside the school to interact with the website, he said.

Komaroff is excited about the website’s development. “It is a living, breathing thing that we can work on for years to come,” he said.