Student Fashion Profiles: Madison Xu


Helen Fajemirokun, Contributing Writer

“There’s no way to pinpoint a ‘signature style’ that I have,” Madison Xu (10) said. “It’s totally dependent on exactly how I feel starting the day.”

Xu has been passionate about fashion ever since her days “wandering around [her] mom’s closet” as a child, where she would strut around in her mother’s heels and drape herself in dresses that fell far past her ankles. Since then, Xu’s fascination with fashion has evolved into a sophisticated representation of herself and she has long outgrown the need to raid her mother’s closet, she said

Until recently, Xu said she often felt restricted to a specific fashion taste because of social norms, and she even recalls trying to mimic the style of her peers. “I used to always wear the basic sweater and leggings, and never wore anything I really wanted to [like] cool accessories or colorful pants.”

Over time, Xu gained more confidence in her style. Xu’s newfound confidence came in part from witnessing an increase in inclusivity in the fashion

industry on social media. Especially after Harry Styles graced the cover of Vogue Magazine, there seem to be fewer restrictions as to what someone can wear, Xu said.

Now, her style changes constantly, which results in copious and consistent shopping. Xu “worships” brands like Depop, a site on which users can sell and buy used clothes, since it allows her to find unique pieces while also promoting sustainability. At the rapid rate in which her style develops, she is glad she no longer has to resort to fast fashion but now has environmentally-friendly pieces “that are often way cooler” than the alternatives, Xu said.

Xu finds most of her outfit inspiration on social media, specifically on Instagram, where trendy teens and world-class runway models alike have the opportunity to display their style.

Xu is hopeful about the direction of the fashion industry — from increased inclusivity to greater sustainability — she feels positive that “the industry as a whole is becoming more moral,” Xu said.