Editorial: Enforce stricter rules


Editorial Board

When we found out that school would continue to be remote this week, we were disappointed. We wanted to be in person to enjoy the beginning of our last semester of high school. Moreover, we felt as though some of our peers had failed us.

The families who traveled irresponsibly and forced Dr. Kelly to postpone our reopening prioritized their interests over the rest of the community. They blatantly disrespected their peers, their teachers, and the school’s essential workers. Had school not been shut down, they would’ve endangered the well- being of others. Let us be clear: Many members of the community traveled safely. But enough students did not, making others’ safety precautions for naught.

We call on the administration to establish consequences for those who violate the rules and endanger the community because evidently, some students don’t feel shame in flaunting their rule-breaking and will stop only if threatened.

In September, we signed the HM Promise, which states that we will wear a face covering when on campus, distance ourselves whenever possible, and complete the symptom check, among other similar rules — all of which are applicable on-campus. Riverdale recently asked their families to abide by a set of safety guidelines applicable to behavior outside of school, and we encourage our administration to create a code of its own. We’d like to propose the following measures:

1. Wear masks whenever you are outside of your home.

2. Do not travel when school is in session or is scheduled to be in session within upcoming days.

3. Do not socialize with friends unless you are outdoors, six feet apart, and masked. If you must socialize indoors, wear a mask, and keep the attendees to a minimum.

4. Do not dine at restaurants indoors.

5. Do not participate in in-person extracurricular activities outside of school.

6. Do not attend gatherings of more than 10 people.

As of now, breaking these guidelines would not lead to official school disciplinary actions. But were the administration to modify and adopt these measures, we could begin to hold each other accountable and maintain a safe and healthful environment.