Relationship Advice: Couples’ secrets to success

Lexi Stein & Eddie Mantz

There are two essential components when it comes to dating during a pandemic. The first would be to make sure both individuals have mutual respect for one another. At a time when all of our health is at risk, it’s important to know that you can trust your significant other not to expose you to unnecessary risk. The other piece of advice would be to date someone who makes you laugh! Truth be told, when you’re not spending a lot of time with others in a big group, you really learn if you like the person depending on how long you could spend just the two of you in isolation. For us, humor is the best way to our hearts. Many negative impacts resulted from COVID-19 this past year, but one unintended positive consequence resulted

by being able to take the time to slow down and learn new things about both of us.

Eliza Becker & Ailill Walsh

Something we’re big on is having the important talks and spending as much time as we can in person. It’s much more sincere and meaningful than texting or even FaceTiming. Texting can be great to catch up and joke around when you’re not physically together, but when serious conversations come, we think it’s best to have them face-to-face, even if it means waiting a few days. Choosing to talk in person has led to much longer and deeper conversations that wouldn’t have happened over text, which has led to a stronger and more intimate relationship overall. If we spent most of our time texting, we wouldn’t be able to do awesome stuff like dance together to songs by our favorite artist (which happens to be Big Time Rush).

Mia Calzolaio & Liliana Greyf

1. Go on long walks. Especially if one of you has a dog. Explore your neighborhoods and find spots around the city that you can come back to. Examples include yummy restaurants with take out, park benches, and Westside Market.
2. Wait for each other outside classes. Not only will you become awkwardly familiar with your partner’s teachers, but you’ll get lots of exercise walking twice as fast during passing time in order to make sure you get to your class and theirs too.

3. Buy books for each other. Go visit your local bookstore (and support the print industry!). You’ll end up book clubbing everything. Extra perk: you can buy books for yourself but gift them to your partner, then steal them later. A nice thing for yourself, and for them too!

4. Play Connect 4 online. Seriously. Do it.
5. Study over the phone. There’s nothing like collectively feeling like you are going to pass out from the amount of work you have to get done. You can support each other and annoy one another by reading your notes aloud: you get to learn about the Suez Crisis while your partner gets to learn about epigenetics.
6. Send each other music. And pretend to like it, even if you don’t. Plus, you’ll find songs that mean something to just the two of you.
7. Write Record articles together. Self explanatory! 🙂

Josh Underberg & Julia Grant

We had been talking all throughout the spring but couldn’t see each other until the summer when COVID-19 cases were at a low. While the virus did slow the process a bit, we were eventually able to see one another over the summer. Something we both recognized very quickly is that, as a couple, you have to be willing to adapt to the given environment and make the most of things. Since we started dating over the summer, we have been dining outdoors, going to the beach, and taking walks in the park. Along with those activities, we have also started watching TV shows including All-American and cooking shows together. It’s been really nice having each other during these challenging times.