HM Football team goes undefeated for the first time in school history

Allison Markman

For the first time in a century, the school’s football team went undefeated for the season with a 0-0 record, setting a new Ivy League best for themselves. During the team’s practices, social distancing measures were put into place, which was a hurdle for many players, as balls had to be thrown at least six feet. In addition, thanks to contactless practice, concussions were at an all time low, with only fifteen for the season. Not only did the team go undefeated, the defense did not give up a single point the whole season. 

To practice during quarantine, the team played a lot of Madden and Fantasy Football, sacrificing precious homework time for practice. Vick Tory (11), a running back on the team, suggested that “maybe these practices should be implemented more regularly.” 

The success of the team this season is a silver lining for all during these difficult, unprecedented, very unusual, unparalleled, no-good-very-bad times. The team’s success has been a source of pride for the athletic community, overshadowing the Buccaneers win and Tom Brady’s seventh Super Bowl. After a disappointing performance, not even making it into double digits, the Kansas City Chiefs are even considering signing the Horace Mann offense. “Hopefully they can catch a pass,” Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs Andy Reid said. 

This season has become a rebrand for the Athletics Department due to the newfound success. Rumor has it that Ole Miss and LSU have started to take notice and are beginning to make offers to the team. Even a handful of freshmen have been offered full rides to the greatest D56 football schools of all time. 

Other students’ reactions to their season have not been as positive. When asked about the accomplishments of the team, one student said, “We have a football team?” has started to take notice, and are considering bumping up the school’s B athletics ranking to a B+, which unfortunately is all too close to an F for the average student. 

 “We really overcame incredible obstacles and never gave up,” said Inter C. Eption (12) who scored the most baskets for the team.