Students donate to loose change drive


Emily Salzhauer, Staff Writer

In response to India’s worsening COVID crisis, Tuhin Ghosh (11) initiated a week-long loose change drive in Olshan Lobby that has raised over $100 thus far.

Since he was born in India, Ghosh feels personally connected to this cause, he said. Some of his family and friends who live in India contracted the virus, and one of Ghosh’s relatives passed away during this most recent spike, he said. “To see [India] go through something so painful is really not something that sits well with me,” he said. “I wanted to do anything that I could.” 

With the help of Upper Division (UD) Dean of Students Michael Dalo, Ghosh swiftly organized the drive and began raising money for SEWA USA, a Hindu faith-based organization that specializes in disaster relief, Ghosh said. “I spoke with Tuhin one day last week and [the drive] was ready to go within 24 hours,” Dalo wrote.

Ghosh and his family researched the organization before they planned the drive to ensure that the money collected would actually help the people in India who are suffering from COVID, he said.

The organization will use the donated money to purchase oxygen filters, Ghosh said. People in India are struggling to purchase the filters due to increased demand and low availability, he said. “The country was not prepared at all to handle such a massive spike in COVID.”

Ghosh’s drive has been met with positivity from the school’s community, he said. “The initiative that [Tuhin] created for India’s COVID relief is a great way to help India during this tough time they are going through,” Aamri Sareen (9) said. “I believe that small steps like [the drive he] created can have a larger impact on the community being affected.”

Dalo also hopes this drive makes the UD aware of the current COVID crisis in India, he wrote. “I hope it helps to raise their consciousness about the devastating current situation in India and reminds them that we are all part of a larger global community that, at its best, works to help and support each other.”