Lion pride: MD celebrates athletics during first Spirit Day

Hannah Katzke and Rachel Baez

On Wednesday, the Middle Division (MD) celebrated its first Spirit Day, which brought the MD student body together to celebrate a year of physical activity, Director of Athletics, Health, and Physical Education Robert Annunziata said. “Spirit Day was put together to celebrate all three seasons of MD students’ participation in intramural sports and PE classes,” Nupur Gupta P ’25 said. 

Spirit Day occurred during D, E, and F physical education periods, Annunziata said. Students attended their regularly scheduled PE classes, but in between periods they were able to visit the spirit booth in Friedman Hall. At the spirit booth, they received snack bags, pom-poms, stickers, scrunchies, and other items. Students were also automatically entered into a raffle with school spirit prizes, Annunziata said. The prizes included maroon and white blankets, hats, backpacks, coffee mugs, lanyards, cowbells, and more, Diana Frank P ’24 ’26 said.

The day was created to remind students that despite the absence of sports games this school year, the sports program still plays a large role in the school’s community, Mark Riebling P ’27 said. 

The Athletics, Health, and Physical Education Department and the MD Parent Association Athletics Committee planned the day, Gupta said. Annunziata, the athletic department, and Flik staff ran the event,  Frank said.

The MD Parents Association Athletics Committee wanted everyone to celebrate Spirit Day by sharing gratitude, Frank said. In Friedman Hall, students wrote notes of gratitude to other members of the school’s community, Annunziata said. The gratitude notes were then displayed along the walls. 

Evie Steinman (7) wrote a note of gratitude expressing how lucky she feels to be at the school because even a little gratitude can make a difference, she said. Julia Lourenco (7) thanked all of her teachers in her note. “I wrote a note of gratitude because I feel that it’s important to show how much we care about our community and to show our teachers how much we value their sacrifices,” she said.

Josh Borut (8) also wrote a note to show his appreciation for his fellow students and teachers, he said.  “I think that Spirit Day is a great way for students to express gratefulness for the resources and friendships the school has to offer.”

The energy of the event was James Koplin’s (7) favorite part of the day, he said. “Everyone was having fun matching clothing, hanging out with friends, and getting to take advantage of a variety of exciting activities around the school,” he said. 

Rose Korff’s (8) favorite part of Spirit Day was cheering with a maroon pom-pom from the spirit booth throughout the day, she said. Caroline Mignone’s (6) advisory also had fun playing with scrunchies from the booth, she said.

“I enjoyed Spirit Day because we were all able to show our school pride,” Lourenco said. In preparation for the week, the MD’s leadership program, HM Lead, organized different themed outfits for students to show their school spirit each day, Lourenco said. On Monday, students dressed up in the school’s apparel, on Tuesday, they dressed up from a specific decade, on Wednesday, they matched outfits with a friend, on Thursday, they dressed up as their favorite movie or TV character, and on Friday, they wore pajamas. 

On Monday, Korff showed her school pride by dressing up in the school’s apparel, she said. On Tuesday, Steinman dressed up in an 80s-inspired outfit with bright-colored clothing and a side ponytail, she said. On Wednesday, both Steinman and Korff dressed up in matching outfits with their friends. “I enjoyed Spirit Day because everyone was bonding over being done with a difficult year,” Korff said.

“We just hoped to go into summer by reminding everyone that athletics is here and will be back better than ever in the fall,” Riebling said.