Mayoral Candidate: Andrew Yang


Eli Scher

Perhaps the most notable of the 2021 mayoral candidates, entrepreneur and 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang has an innovative vision for the five boroughs. He hopes to break the mold of a traditional politician with his modern ideas, including universal basic income, combating the effects of automation, and “human-centered” capitalism — which emphasizes and values people over money. 

Yang brings an outside perspective to the position, given that he has not served in any political office. Now, this trope may trigger memories of a certain reality TV star who decided to “drain the swamp” and run for President in 2016, but Yang is far from a repeat. Though not a traditional Democratic political candidate, Yang uses his background as an entrepreneur and his pragmatic ways of approaching social and economic issues to benefit people. He also refrains from using inflammatory language to rile up fringe groups of ideological outsiders.

It is completely understandable to see universal basic income and other policies as an economic risk for New Yorkers. However, Yang’s ideas will challenge the status quo of traditional U.S. capitalism without completely uprooting our city’s structure or its middle class with increased taxes or radical policies. 

If you’re looking to vote for a candidate who represents a real change in the economic disparity in our city — including a deep dive into the root causes of the homelessness crisis — choose someone with a knowledge of economics, not just an unrealistic, unachievable vision of economic equality through bloated spending that can be found in the platforms of more radical candidates. Though I’m not eligible to vote in the NYC mayoral election, for these reasons I would strongly encourage voting for Andrew Yang in the primary in June and again in November.