Letters to the Class of 2021

Dr. Kelly and Kristin Lax

To the Class of 2021,
Deeply mixed emotions accompany the thoughts I express in this letter to the members of the Horace Mann School Class of 2021. My joy upon witnessing your arrival at this milestone is unequivocal. Nevertheless, having experienced together what history will surely judge as among the most challenging periods of the last century, the closeness all of us at HM feel toward your class makes it extremely difficult to say goodbye.
Nearly halted in your vibrant stride when the coronavirus pandemic curtailed your time on campus three-quarters of the way into your junior year, instead you rallied, and you persevered. You rallied to adapt to online classes. You rallied to stay connected with one another, and with the HM community, as a whole. You reached out to your classmates, as well as to your teachers, as we navigated, together, these difficult days. You creatively continued to celebrate your friends and classmates, organizing Zoom gatherings, making sure that all were provided for, and, importantly, staying in touch. And, when our community and our country began to confront the fact that we were all facing not one, but two pandemics, as society’s longtime racism came into sharp focus, you helped lead our community’s conversation on Diversity, Equity and Identity.
Your return to campus last September as HM’s senior class invigorated us all. Your presence was illuminating, as the HM community learned from you what your generation was processing. We turned to you, to the diverse population of your Class, to try to understand and address the world view of your peers, at HM and beyond, during this extraordinary era. Above all, as the school year progressed, it was this very presence that we so valued—your presence in your studies, your service, and your care for one another. In particular, during these last few months of Horace Mann School’s time with the Class of 2021 you have provided HM a powerful legacy.
Members of the Class of 2021—you are our future, and we look forward to sharing our ongoing efforts with you, as you shine your brightening light upon our collective way.
With much love, Congratulations to the Members of the Class of the Horace Mann School Class of 2021, one and all.
Dr. K.


Dear Class of 2021,

Congratulations on your impending graduation! Your achievement is nothing less than astounding, especially in light of the very difficult circumstances of the last year.

When you receive your hard-earned diploma on June 16th, you will automatically become a member of the Horace Mann School Alumni Association, a global network of nearly 12,000 people whose interests and talents span all fields and passions. Your existence as an HM student will end, but your identity as an HM alumna/alumnus will serve you well for the rest of your life. You’ll discover it is a powerful force that will help you make meaningful connections and open new doors.

With every class that graduates, a huge void is left behind – one that we hope to fill with your continued connection to the school. Please take advantage of every opportunity to attend an event, mentor students, or come back to campus to visit. It will be so meaningful to your former teachers, to the HM students following in your footsteps, and to us in the Alumni Office to have you in our lives.

Hats off to the Class of 2021! You did it!

Warmest wishes,

Kristin Lax
Director of Alumni Relations