Jacob Schorsch (12) to study acting at Davidson


Neeva Patel, Contributing Writer

After performing with the same theater company for 11 years, Jacob Schorsch (12) has decided to continue his artistic journey in acting at Davidson College in North Carolina, where he will double major in theater arts and political science. “The ultimate goal is pursuing a career in the performing arts,” he said. “Attending a college that will teach me how to become a better actor is something I definitely want to do in order to achieve my goal.”

Schorsch’s involvement in theater first began when he was three years old, when he saw his older sisters performing at his local theater company. “From that moment on, I became obsessed,” he said. “I would go to see every show of theirs, and eventually, I joined that same theater company in hopes of following in their footsteps.” Schorsch still considers his older sisters to be his biggest inspirations in the arts field.

For his whole career, Schorsch has remained at his theater company “Riverdale Rising Stars” with the same director and cast. “It has been really amazing because I have formed a level of continuity and familiarity with these people since I have been performing with them for so many years,” he said. 

Schorsch has also pursued theater outside of this program. “I have taken classes separate from the ones my program offers, and I’ve done a few shows at camp, and a few shows here at school.” In total, Schorsch has performed in more than 25 different shows, including Horace Mann’s production of “Pippin.” He was also set to perform in last year’s production of “Urinetown,” but it was canceled after classes went online. 

Before committing to Davidson, Schorsch briefly considered attending school for sports journalism. However, he decided against this idea because he would have to halt his progress in the theater arts. “Having performing arts as one of the constants in my life is something I love, which is why I want to continue my journey with it even outside of high school,” he said. 

Schorsch has decided to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in theater instead of a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). “Earning a BA in the performing arts allows you to take other academic classes along with your theater ones, while a BFA solely concerns the performing arts,” he said. 

Schorsch chose Davidson because the theater department has a wide breadth of classes at many varying levels as well as many skilled teachers. “I am able to expand in other directions, while at the same time improve as an actor,” he said. “It’s a win-win situation.”

Davidson’s location was another positive factor for Schorsch, he said. He has lived in New York his entire life and wanted to attend college outside of the city, he said. “New York is a mecca of arts, so who knows, I might find myself back here in the future,” he said. “As for next year, I’m excited to experience more rigor in the arts at a college level so that I can form a deeper connection with what it means to be an artist.”