Eden Plepler (12) to study vocal performance at NYU


Ava Westreich, Contributing Writer

Eden Plepler (12) will follow her musical aspirations to New York University (NYU), where she will pursue a Bachelor’s degree in music. Contrary to Horace Mann’s traditional academic setting, Plepler’s college experience will be focused on the arts. She will take classes such as ballet music theory, acting, and English fiction.

At NYU, Plepler will study vocal performance with a concentration in musical theater. “I wanted to study theater but didn’t want to compromise on classical musical training, and this is what [NYU’s] specific program allowed me to do,” she said. Plepler also chose NYU because she’ll be in New York City, “with Broadway and all the people in the industry at [her] fingertips.” 

From an early age, Plepler has attended arts camps and taken voice lessons. “It’s been something that I’ve been passionate about my whole life,” she said. 

Toward the end of eighth grade, Plepler began regular voice lessons out of school as well as performing in the Horace Mann Theatre Company spring musicals.

However, Plepler’s music journey has been “all over the place” recently. Until two years ago, Plepler was unsure whether music was simply a hobby or a serious pursuit. Then, Plepler did not know whether she wanted to pursue a Bachelor in Fine Arts, which is more focused on theatre, or a Bachelor in Music, where she would be able to study music more broadly. With the help of her voice teacher, Plepler chose to pursue a Bachelor’s in Music and now knows that she wants to pursue a career in either music or musical theater. 

“So much of high school is about focusing to have the perfect grades and the perfect scores to get into college, and I think it’ll be a real relief to be able to study what I want,” Plepler said. She is excited to be surrounded by teachers who are well-versed in the music industry and students who are also pursuing similar interests. “It’s about learning about music, but also finding my community.”