Welcome back from Mally (12) and Nornberg (12): CC chairs outline their initiatives

Rowan Mally and Maya Nornberg

Welcome back HM!

We hope you all had a fantastic and restful summer and are as excited as we are for the 2021-2022 school year. We can’t wait to see all of you back on campus, even in masks, and are looking forward to an amazing year.

Whether you are a new freshman or a returning senior, the Community Council (CC) is here to make your life at school as enjoyable and simple as it can be. While being mindful of uncontrollable COVID restrictions, we hope this year can feel as ‘normal’ as possible. HM’s incredible faculty, staff, and students are what make our school so unique and inspiring. We are so grateful to work with this group of CC representatives and to be a part of this journey.

In our opinion, the CC should act as a bridge between the student body and the administration. As a group of devoted, like-minded individuals, we put our time and effort into voicing and acting upon common concerns and ideas of the student body. As the Co-Chairs of the CC, we provide structure and support for the group while fostering individual ambition. We value our unique and impactful role, and we look forward to seeing everything the CC achieves. 

We’ve spent the summer envisioning a unique structure for the CC that will involve committees and individual opportunities to create and complete a variety of initiatives. As the group welcomes many former representatives from the past year and new freshmen representatives in a few weeks, we are excited to build upon the role of the CC at our school. Through weekly meetings, the CC will have time set aside to plan meaningful and enjoyable projects for each grade, as well as committee-based initiatives for the entire Upper Division. Each representative will plan and work on multiple ideas at once, including both returning and brand new initiatives. 

One of our goals for the year is to involve the broader Upper Division in the work done by the CC. We are excited to include club leaders in CC committees alongside CC representatives to welcome new perspectives and increase participation in initiative-building processes. Similarly, we look forward to hearing as much feedback and ideas as possible from Upper Division students through online polls and grade meetings.

This year, we would like to prioritize communication and transparency between the CC and the Upper Division. We hope to do this through weekly CC updates regarding the initiatives being worked on and some events to look forward to. Additionally, a Community Council assembly near the end of the year can showcase all the work we will have done and all of the amazing experiences we will have as a division. We also hope to have CC members speak in assemblies throughout the year to keep students updated on active initiatives and to ensure each grade is familiar with their representatives. With these efforts, we hope that the entire Upper Division feels that the CC is truly playing an active and important role in their daily school lives. 

Our favorite moments at Horace Mann have always involved opportunities to learn, grow, and have fun together. Previous initiatives such as pride week, the career lecture series, and wellness week have allowed us to engage in our community and gain meaningful knowledge, as a school. Events like spikeball tournaments, candygrams, or showcase assemblies have created schoolwide bonds and memories. We are so excited to recreate and build upon many of these inspiring moments as we grow together through this unprecedented time.

Beyond this, we hope to empower values such as diversity, mental health, and sustainability in the work that the school embarks on. Working closely with groups like the Counseling and Guidance office, the Office for Identity, Culture, and Institutional Equity (ICIE), or the Center for Community Values and Action (CCVA), we truly believe the 2021-2022 Community Council will build a better Horace Mann for the future.

Freshmen, look out for an email from Señor Dalo in the coming weeks about CC elections. The CC has been a defining aspect of both of our lives at HM, and we invite you to consider. The CC is a fantastic opportunity to take a meaningful leadership role within the HM community. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Here’s to a great year!

With love,

Your CC Chairs,

Maya Nornberg and Rowan Mally