Record Survival Guide


Volume 119


Welcome to the Upper Division! We’re excited to meet you all! Each of us have been through the first day — and first year — of high school, so we have plenty of upperclassmen wisdom to share with you. 

  • Make new friends, including upperclassmen! We are not as scary as we may seem, except if you walk too slowly in the hallways (things are fast around here). Otherwise, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have (very honestly) and keep you up to date on which lunch options are worth your time. 
  • Join every club you’re interested in, even if you aren’t sure how much you’ll like it. You can always be taken off the email lists later. But make sure to stay in clubs that are enjoyable for you, not clubs that you think will look good on a resumé. Everyone can see right through that, and it makes your high school experience less fulfilling. Plus, extracurriculars are the perfect way to find community outside of your grade and usual friend groups. Shameless self promotion: Join the Record! As you can tell from this amazing list of tips, we are a pretty cool group.
  • Meet with your teachers all the time. They choose to spend every day with you, so clearly they would love nothing more than to hear from you as well! Go talk to them about your classwork, your worries, or an article you think they would like. 
  • Be respectful of your peers and your teachers: let people skip you in the lunch line if they’re late for class, say thank you at the end of emails, and don’t scream in the library (or anywhere before 2pm). 
  • Housekeeping items: Ask for extensions when you need them. Log out of the library computers. Check your FirstClass frequently!!! 


Even if you don’t listen to anything we have said above, take this to heart: you only get to be a freshman once — don’t spend your year overthinking or worrying about what is to come. This is a time for you to get acclimated to high school and to enjoy the freedom it gives you. Take advantage of the opportunity. Have a blast!



Welcome back! You are no longer freshmen, but you are still underclassmen with lots more to learn. We hope you’re excited for the year!

  • Stay on top of your grades and your classes, but don’t put too much pressure on perfection! Your brain has already adapted to the high-school way of life, so trust yourself to figure out a routine that works best for you. Staying up too late is not worth it (seriously, a good sleep schedule is so important). Find ways to relax, and give yourself breaks on the weekend! Everything will get finished, even though it might not seem that way sometimes. Although you will have more to do than you did last year, you are ready for it!
  • It’s not too late to join new clubs — in fact, now is a better time than ever, because you’ve hopefully gotten to know your interests a little better over the past year. There really is no need to center your clubs around a specific interest or passion — instead of limiting your extracurriculars to one topic you are good at, do whatever brings you happiness. In fact, there is a Happiness club dedicated just to that! 
  • Get to know yourself a little better. Start paying attention to which classes you prefer and which subjects you want to focus on in the coming years. Figure out a study schedule that works for you, and find ways to relax (see article on page _!). 
  • Connect with teachers that you have met in the last year. They can be support systems as well as academic advisors. Go bother them when you need a moment to relax.
  • Don’t take life too seriously. While you may not have as much flexibility as you did last year, you still have time to be carefree. 



Hello hello! You are no longer underclassmen, but a little advice never hurt an HM junior. 

  • Find a balance between taking care of yourself and your responsibilities. We know you have heard horror stories before, and we’re here to tell you it’s true: Junior year is hard. The workload picks up a lot, and you may feel a lot of pressure. That said, it’s doable — take it from us! Just make sure you don’t prioritize academics over mental health. Constant productivity is unsustainable. Find ways to separate your emotions from the stress around you.
  • Though this may seem counterintuitive, procrastinating a bit can actually be a good thing at times. You can wait an extra day to work on a project, if it means giving yourself time to recharge in the moment. 
  • Find the things that bring you joy: a wholesome meal, a chat with a beloved teacher, or a FaceTime study buddy. Count on the people in your grade, even if you never have before — you are all in the same boat. Commiseration and shared joy are important! Have fun as much as you can. Being able to look back on a year filled with positive memories is worth infinitely more than however many extra hours you spend on work. 
  • Don’t spend too much time on the details. If you can’t finish something, it’s okay. Seriously! There is a community of people here to support you— email your teacher with a truthful apology and go take a nap. Everything will get done in the end. Communicate with your peers and teachers (and Counseling and Guidance, if necessary), then do what you need to do. Know your limits.
  • P. S. It’s never too late to join the Record.
  • Remember that life is not a competition. Celebrate your friends’ successes, and surround yourself with people who will celebrate your own.
  • Spend your frees on sunny days sitting on the field with friends, listening to music, talking about nonsense. Get some sleep. Don’t drink too much coffee, and wear comfortable pants. Let us know if you need anything, ever. We’re here for you! You got this. 



Hello, dear Class of 2022! Welcome one last time! We’ve been through all the ups and downs of high school together, so let’s continue to uplift each other for this final stretch. It’s our duty to work together to make this year as fun and memorable as possible. Participate in school events (especially when they seem silly), be role models for underclassmen, and share your joys with one another. This is going to be our best year yet! Much love!