Karpf’s (12) trip to the Queens Night Market


Lauren Kim

Brett Karpf, Contributing Writer

In the height of the pandemic, waiting in line was certainly not one of the things I expected to miss. It wasn’t until I stood in lines for food at the Queens Night Market that I realized this quintessential New York experience had been lacking from the last one and a half years. The Queens night market offers amazing ambiance, live music, and delicious and diverse food. The Market is located in (the unfortunately named) Corona Park and is open exclusively on Saturday nights. It is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the comfort of the reopening city .

In mid-July I took a Mets fan-filled seven train to Mets-Willet point. After leaving the train and getting lost trying to find the market — don’t get distracted by the old world’s fair globe — I had arrived. Rows of vendors selling art and food extended all the way to the entrance. Smells of distant country’s foods wafted about the market and pulled my attention from vendor to vendor. The options were so varied and enticing that it became nearly impossible to choose only a few things. Everything from Brazilian, to Burmese, to Sudanese, to Ethiopian piqued my interest and my taste buds. After looping around the market four times, I decided to start with Taiwanese fried chicken. The crispy chicken was covered in a rich sticky sweet sauce. Next came Bengali chotpoti, a cone filled with spicy potatoes, chickpeas, and other aromatics. Soon after, I opted for Korean jajangmyeon noodles — delicate and delicious noodles covered in a black bean sauce. Lastly, I got bubble tea and made my way to the side of the market farthest from the entrance.

Adjacent to the far side of the rows of vendors was a dance floor with a DJ playing live music. Sadly for the DJ, the dance floor was entirely populated by children playing tag, with some people sitting on an open field behind them. By the time the sun started to set, people transitioned away from the vendors toward the grass. Around nine, the DJ stopped playing music and a live band began playing acoustic songs. Across the field, groups of people swayed along to the music as they laughed and talked. Despite the news of the pandemic, as I sat on the field next to the market eating delicious food surrounded by warm weather and music, the city truly felt recovered.