Girls Varsity Soccer team wins first match in three years


Katie Beckler, Staff Writer

The Girls Varsity Soccer Team won 2-1 in a league match against Trinity last Monday, the team’s first win in three years, co-captain Rachel Kuhn (12) said. “We were so happy, and honestly, it’s just so meaningful to us to have a team that’s passionate about soccer.” Co-captain Eliza Becker (12) said a win was a great way to start off her senior year.

From the onset, Trinity was a worthy opponent, Girls Varsity Soccer Coach Tim Sullivan said. “Trinity was physical, they controlled the ball very well, they passed very well,” he said. 

The game got off to a rough start, Kayla Choi (10) said. “During the second half when we were losing 1-0, because it was an early-on goal, the whole team kind of lost hope,” she said.

However, there were many highlights as the game progressed, Sullivan said. Becker, the team’s goalie, was “fantastic as always,” and defenders Alexis Gordon (9) and Christine Tao (10) made some amazing plays to prevent Trinity from scoring, he said.

As the game continued, Choi made two “unbelievable” plays, Sullivan said. “She made one great play to draw everyone to her, then made a beautiful pass to Saanvi Serchan (10) who hustled to get there and score just a great goal for us to tie the game late,” he said. “And then, with about two minutes left, Kayla made one of the great goals I have seen in all my years of Horace Mann,” Sullivan said. “She was fouled three or four times and refused to stop and beat five or six defenders, I can’t tell you how many, and then just hit a perfect ball over the goalie’s head.”

While the two goals were the highlight of the game, the energy from teammates on the bench also made the game special, Kuhn said. “Something that really made the game was having the bench players and everyone sitting on the sidelines be really energetic and encouraging, which was very good for the team spirit and made everyone want to work ten times harder,” she said.

Sullivan was surprised by the amount of energy brought to the field by both teams. “I love being out there, and I could feel the energy from every single girl on our team,” he said.

Both teams were glad to return to playing games like normal, Becker said. “Trinity [was a] good sport,” she said. “Both of the teams were so excited to be playing a real game that we both brought pretty positive attitudes, and we both respected each other a lot.”

“The team effort from every single person was just incredible,” Sullivan said. “I couldn’t be happier having people like that on the team,” he said. “It’s an entire team that loves each other and win or lose, they’re going to play their hearts out, and they should be proud after every game.”

Kuhn is proud of how far the team has come, especially because the team did not have a proper season last year, she said. “Wins and losses and ties are just names slapped on, but honestly, it was really nice to play, and so fun to play again and be with the team and having that kind of energy and spirit,” she said. “It made everything so meaningful seeing where we were freshman year to now — it’s just super special.”

However, the team can continue to improve, Becker said. “Everyone needs to work on something specific, and we really need to just dedicate time and effort into our playing,” she said. “It’s not something that’s going to come easy, we really have to put our minds to it.”

While the Lions will remember the excitement of this win, every player knows that the team needs to get better, Sullivan said. “We’re happy to win, but it’s not good enough for us,” he said. “Our goal is to get better every single day, and we hope to be the best team in the league.”