Editorial: Share your opinions, even with the Record 

Volume 119 Board

The Record Editorial Board stands by Head of School Dr. Tom Kelly’s decision to mandate COVID vaccinations for eligible members of the school community. We believe that prioritizing public health is a necessary aspect of a secure and healthful environment; in vaccinating ourselves against the virus, we are doing our part to keep each other safe.

We chose to run a news article about the mandate not only due to its occurrence but because of its significance — we recognize that the mandate was a difficult decision for Dr. Kelly to make. We understand that it required careful deliberation; this mandate leaves room for disagreement within the community. 

As such, we wanted our reporting to reflect the complex nature of the school’s choice. We hoped to run an article presenting the various opinions on this subject within our community and highlighting the possible dilemmas it posed for families. Although nearly everyone that attends the school is vaccinated, we know that electing to vaccinate may have been difficult for some. Even those who were willingly and comfortably vaccinated can acknowledge the complexities of the decision.

Yet, our reporters were faced with a dilemma. Students, parents, and faculty members who were asked to speak on the record about the possible complications of this mandate — not necessarily those they personally faced — remained silent. Some chose not to comment unless granted anonymity that we could not provide, while others who privately voiced skepticism chose to publicly voice support for the decision. It was nearly impossible to find a community member willing to publicly state that they knew this mandate is in any way controversial.

Journalism doesn’t function without truth — the whole truth. We want to take the time to remind and reassure you: Volume 119 of The Record strives to publish pieces that are objective and nuanced. Our hope to treat everybody’s opinions fairly can only exist if those opinions are shared with us. 

We understand that unpopular opinions are often self-censored out of fear of backlash from peers or faculty members. We can not predict how others will react, but we can promise that we are trying to build a space for safe but challenging and critical discourse. As long as your thoughts do not disrespect or discriminate against another individual, we will honor them with a place in the paper. We attempt to provide multiple opinions in each story and promise to present each one in a just and respectful manner. Your voice deserves to be heard, and the community will benefit from listening to it.