IPL should listen to outside voices

Volume 119 Board

While The Record is committed to providing information about the recent controversy surrounding the Ivy Preparatory League’s (IPL) decision to ban Hackley senior Colin Ives from Field Hockey league play, our Editorial Board cannot come to a consensus about whether we agree with the schools’ actions. However, we have come to the joint conclusion that it was a mistake to make this decision without soliciting the voices of those most affected by the decision – league field hockey players themselves.

The Editorial Board cannot — and will not — state our opinion on Ives’ eligibility to play on Hackley’s team. The students on our Board disagree about the ultimate verdict. We do not know what was said in the meeting between administrators and we do not have enough information about why they took such sudden action. In addition, we understand that this decision is not ours to make; we as editors of a newspaper are not personally impacted by the issue. The people who need the space to voice their opinions, pro or con, are varsity field hockey players in the IPL — and they were not given the ability to do so.

As an Editorial Board, we agree on this: the students who played with and against Ives should have had more influence on the decision regarding his playing. Student athletes — including Ives — were not contacted about or notified of the IPL’s decision until after it was made. According to his interview with The Record, Ives emailed the IPL after learning of their decision and received no response. 

At Horace Mann, field hockey players found out about the issue only after seeing Destiny Stephen’s Instagram post and subsequently voicing concerns with their coach. It is unfortunate that students were not even made aware of the conclusion by the adults who came to it.

We do not know if the administrators’ ultimate decision was the right one, but we believe that the process through which they came to that decision was undemocratic and ultimately unjust. We urge the IPL to reevaluate their decision — not necessarily to change its conclusion, but to take student and parent input into account when sorting through evidence. Players should feel comfortable voicing their concerns, and families who are impacted by the IPL’s decisions should be part of the league’s consideration.