Salzhauer reflects on her time on Varsity Field Hockey


Emily Salzhauer, Staff Writer

Sports, and other extracurricular activities are part of what makes our school so special. Clubs are a way for students to connect with other students who share the same interests and spend time together. There are so many different choices of clubs, depending on the topic and time commitment you’re looking for. Finding a club and a community that is right  for you can make your time at HM all the more worthwhile. As we start to return to a semi-normal school year, seize the opportunity to find that space and commit to taking advantage of the returning traditions. 

For me, the Varsity Field Hockey team has provided a sense of normalcy and something to look forward to each day. As school began, I came to understand that playing field hockey with my team would be one of the only times on campus during which I could live in the moment. 

 All things considered, Field Hockey this year — without masks or strict social distancing — has felt much closer to the way it did before the pandemic.  

After losing many of the traditions and ‘normal’ parts of school last year, field hockey practice allows me to relax and have fun. I know that those few hours after school are a time for me to hang out with my friends and teammates. Practice is also a welcome distraction from the regular non-COVID related stress of being an HM student. It’s a time where I don’t have to worry about the homework I have to do, the test I have the next day, or the grade I haven’t gotten back yet. 

After coming back to practice, I was just excited to have the ability to play on the team again. After a year with no games, I truly appreciate the ones that we do have. 

Similarly, after limited meetings and events for clubs on campus, most clubs will be able to return to a much more normal schedule and host events throughout the school year. For this reason, now is a great time for students to get involved in new clubs, teams, or publications. Club and team traditions and events that would have seemed normal two years ago should now be appreciated more than ever.

One of the most important traditions for all sports is Homecoming. The players dress up in different costumes that all have one theme for the whole team the day before Homecoming. Field Hockey dressed as Snow White and the seven dwarves. Every time I passed a bearded person in the hallway, I could say hi to them and know that was my teammate. These little moments, which I did not experience last year, brought so much joy to my day.

This year’s Homecoming was one of the first big events that has been open to the MD and UD since the start of the pandemic. The field hockey team had breakfast together in the cafeteria before our game and gave the seniors the posters that the team had worked on at school on Friday. It was also the freshman and sophomores’ first time experiencing and playing at Homecoming. By bringing back these homecoming traditions, it felt like we were back to pre-pandemic life at HM.  

Despite having a limited number of visitors watching us play, the energy on the field during Homecoming was amazing. Everyone seemed excited to play and cheer from the sidelines. When we won our game, the whole team celebrated. We all ran down to get our goalie and everyone cheering. It definitely brought the team closer together to have such an amazing memory at Homecoming all together. 

Most clubs have something that they work towards and have traditions, similar to how fall sports have homecoming. For some clubs, it’s an event, speaker, or assembly, and for others, it’s a tournament or game. The aspect that they all share is that it’s something that the members of the club can all look forward to and get excited about during the school year. A lot of these events were put on hold last year, but are beginning to come back.

Cheering for my friends during games and spending time with my team at practice are the highlights of my day. It’s always fun to dress up in whatever theme the seniors decide on for team spirit and to bond with the team during preseason brunches outside of school. For me, it’s the moments like these that make going to practice every day worth the time commitment. 

I hope you can find your own place at HM, whether it’s a team, club, or even a specific class. Clubs are returning to a more normal schedule and hosting events throughout the school year, so try to actively engage with those that sound exciting to you. Now is a great time for students to get involved in extracurriculars and truly dedicate themselves to taking part in various traditions. It may not be athletics, but it’s never too late to find your team.