Ski team chases victory down the slopes

Rena Salsberg and Nora Wildman

The Varsity Ski team had their second meet of the season on Wednesday. Although the Lions have not received their times yet, the team is confident that they won and are proud of their overall performance, Lucca Correia (12) said.                                                 

During ski races, each skier completes two runs and whichever run is faster is counted. If the skier misses a gate their run doesn’t count, so they must rely on their second run. If the skier doesn’t miss a gate, they can focus on going faster on the next run.                                                     

Despite this being only her second time racing, Eden Riebling (9) is proud of her performance at yesterday’s meet, she said. She finds the upperclassmen on the team are extremely helpful to everyone on the team because they offer a lot of help to the skiers who are new to ski racing, Riebling said. The upperclassmen also help underclassmen with simple tasks, like trouble with their ski poles and even race anxiety, she said. 

Before the meet started, the upperclassmen guided younger skiers through the course in order to help them scan the ski course, said Alexa Turteltaub (11). This process helps the skiers understand the condition of the course and how to get through it, Turteltaub said.                                

The captains work hard to create a team dynamic that not only encourages victories but also creates a fun space where everyone feels welcomed, Correia said. Like other skiers on the team, Correia skis outside of school, and he enjoys being able to get on the slopes with his friends, he said.    

During their meet on Wednesday, the team was even more motivated because one of its best skiers, Lynn Egan (10), was out due to an injury, Riebling said.

Alec Jackson (10) stood out at the meet because he has improved tremendously since the beginning of the season, Botts said. With dedication and motivation, Jackson placed third out of around 50 people in the first race. This result was extremely impressive to Botts because Jackson does not have much experience with skiing gates, Botts said.   

The team only practices on the mountain one to two times per week, since the mountain is around two hours away, Tommy Botts (12) said. Therefore, it is important for the team to continue to prepare for the meets even on the days where there is no practice by utilizing the bikes and other equipment in the fitness center, he said. 

Although having few practices does not affect experienced skiers, for people who are not, having fewer practices has greatly decreased their ability to improve, ski team coach Rawlins Troop said. 

Although this may have not been the season that the skiers expected, the Lions have worked extremely hard this season, Troop said. Many skiers continued to succeed despite the circumstances this season, Troop said.