Hillary Matlin new library archivist/aide

Becca Siegel, Staff Writer

New archivist/library aide Hillary Matlin joined the Katz Library staff in July. She has already been working in the new archival room located in the basement of Tillinghast Hall throughout this past summer.

Matlin hopes to make the new archive room a more active part of students’ and teachers’ school experiences, she said. She is also very interested in hearing people’s personal stories and memories, and hopes that students and faculty will share them with her, she said.

In her free time, Matlin designs costumes for a small horror theater company called Man of the Crowd Productions. She has been interested in theater tech since junior high and fell in love with the costuming aspect, she said. Since then, Matlin has been helping intermittently with costume design and theater production.

Matlin’s favorite TV shows are Sense 8 and Legions. Matlin is a dedicated science fiction fan and is looking forward to recommending and helping students find good science fiction books, television shows, and movies, she said.

Matlin also collects espresso spoons and belongs to a collection of science fiction book clubs, she said. 

Although Matlin has worked at many places, including the Coney Island Museum and a skincare company, she finds archival work, especially in a school environment, to be the most interesting, she said. 

“One of my earlier jobs was working at another school and I loved the environment,” Matlin said. She loved working with the students. “In fact, it was something that I had missed, which is why I was so excited to come and work at the school,” she said.

“I had interviewed her first, before anybody else in the library had, and as soon as we had found her, I knew that we had the perfect candidate for the archive position. She is just super bubbly and has a great personality,” Head Librarian Caroline Bartels said.