Boys Lacrosse wins first game of the season


Ari Palla and Josh Shuster , Staff Writers

The Boys Varsity Lacrosse (BVL) team started the season 0-6 until Monday, when they won their first game by defeating Harvey School in triple overtime. “We came into this game very hungry for our first win,” Jack Yoon (10) said.

Although the team struggled in the beginning of the season, they improved over the past three games, Matthew Edelman (11) said. The lacrosse division is difficult, and the team faces many formidable opponents, Yoon said. “All the teams that we play have college recruits, so it’s been a challenge,” he said.

Despite their record before Monday’s game, the lacrosse players had high hopes for competing against Harvey. Wyatt Silverman (10) went into the game knowing that the school would win, he said. “We are both fairly even teams skill wise,” he said. “We scoped out the players that they had and their record so we knew it was a winnable game.”

Throughout the game, Harvey’s team had a strong defense and was very aggressive on the offense, Winter said. “The opponents played well but we had to fight hard to stay in the game.” The team stayed competitive and played even harder in overtime, and remained very positive and full of energy throughout the game, he said. 

At first, nobody scored any goals in overtime, Edelman said. In lacrosse, overtime is played with a “golden goal,” meaning there is a four minute overtime and the first team to score wins, he said. “The first four quarters were stressful in itself so to go to three overtimes was insane,” Edelman said. “By the third overtime, we were all so stressed but trying to give our final efforts and push our hardest.”

After a long fight, Silverman scored the winning goal with an assist from Winter, the boys lacrosse team’s coach Joseph Del Visco said. Del Visco was excited for the team following the win, he said. “They grinded all game, and to get a victory in three overtimes shows a lot of determination.”

Silverman felt relieved after scoring the goal, he said. “After the shot, I turned and ran down the field as fast as I could and threw my stick up in the air,” he said. His teammates were excited about the goal and approached him to celebrate, he said.

When the team loses a game, they give it their all at practice the next day, Edelman said. Del Visco gives the team a breakdown of what he saw on the recording of the game, and the team goes back to practicing and working harder. “After our six losses, we were definitely a bit frustrated with ourselves, but we are so happy the win came around,” Edelman said.

Progress has already shown itself in recent games, Carson Eisner (9) said. The game against Poly Prep on Wednesday was extremely competitive, despite Poly Prep having a larger team than the school’s, he said. “Our coaches have done a great job in identifying and working on our weak points,” Eisner said. 

For the remainder of the season, the team hopes to win games against schools that they had previously lost to such as Riverdale, Dalton and Fieldston, Yoon said. “Now that we got our first win, we want to keep the momentum.”