New Film/Video and Photography teacher Jordan Rathus joins faculty

Becca Siegel, Staff Writer

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Film/Video and Photography teacher Jordan Rathus will join the Visual Arts Department this year. Rathus is a practicing artist and filmmaker, who has previously taught at Rutgers College and the College of New Jersey. She has also worked as a production manager for television shows such as Nickelodeon, TLC, and PBS in New York City since 2005.

This school year will be Rathus’ first time teaching middle school students, which will be a challenging new experience, she said.

Rathus first began to enjoy the visual arts as a child and ultimately decided to pursue film as a career because it combined all of her interests into one tangible medium, Rathus said. 

Rathus is still captivated by the excitement of film’s unpredictabilty: shoots usually do not go according to plan or films turn out differently than expected. She hopes to share this captivation with her students this year, she said.  

Rathus moved to New York City in 2005 to attend college. She obtained her undergraduate degree at the NYU School of Film and her MFA in Visual Arts at Columbia University.  

In her free time, Rathus works on her artwork and various projects, such as post-production on a feature-length documentary film and directing a music video. She also watches films for research as well as for pleasure. Daisies by Věra Chytilová is her favorite film, and she also loves to read and cook, she said.

In preparation for the school year, Rathus has been re-familiarizing herself with the darkroom and coming up with plans for student projects, she said.

 Rathus is also looking forward to laying down roots in the school’s community by making friends with the faculty and connecting with students, Rathus said.

 “When I visited campus for the first time I instantly felt like I was at home,” Rathus said. “From the faculty to the students to the staff, it is such a warm, exciting, and brilliant group, and I’m honored to be a part of it.”