Boys Varsity Tennis places first in Ivy Prep League with 13-game winning streak


Boys Varsity Tennis (BVT) beat Trinity 5-0 in the Ivy Preparatory League Championship on Wednesday. After losing their first game of the season, the team completely turned their record around, with a thirteen-game winning streak and 13-1 overall record. This record included Ivy quarterfinal and semifinal wins against Collegiate and Riverdale, respectively.

Grant found Max Meyer (11) to be a stand out player on Wednesday, as he lost the first set but came back to win his match, Grant said. “Connor Bernard 12 also stood out by hitting an insane passing shot on match point which secured hm’s sweep over trinity,” he said. 

Each player employed their own strategy in order to win their game. “The doubles teams’ strategy was to keep groundstrokes deep and cross court allowing the player at the net to pick off a volley and win the point,” Grant said. The first doubles team, Damian Stellings (12) and Bernard, ultimately secured the final match in their 5-0 win. 

This strategy was thanks to their coach, Patrick Westoo who told them to keep the rally cross court and deep, James Grant (12) said.

Team members additionally employed the strategy of maintaining a good winning momentum throughout their matches, Jayden Siegel (12) said. 

“Our main strategy going into this past game was to be confident and come to the match ready to support each other,” Frangenberg said. “We all were very confident and wanted to stay solid and play well in our games.” 

For Josh Winiarsky (11), sweeping Trinity was the highlight of his season. “Everyone contributed to that match, and all our hard work all season paid off,” he said.

For him, Frangenberg’s 6-0 6-0 win in the third singles sport was a highlight of the match. Another was Santiago Espejel’s ace on a deuce point to win a really important game.

During the match, the team focused on putting the success of the group as opposed to being concerned about the results of their own matches or how well they played individually, Winiarsky said. Their coach Patrick Westoo told them to concentrate on their own matches and trust that their teammates would win their matches. 

Frangenberg found it tough to stay focused because the fans from Trinity screamed very loud during points. “I stayed calm though and blocked them out,” he said.

The energy at the match was electric, partly due to Trinity’s crowd, Meyer said. He found their spectators to be rambunctious and disrespectful. However, their negativity turned into a motivator for the team, and forced them to raise their level of play. “We were able to rally and use their energy to get the sweep.”

The biggest challenge was playing without having practiced since Friday of last week, Grant said. “The team could not play on Monday due to bad weather, and practice was virtually canceled [Tuesday] due to senior cut day even though seniors wanted to play,” Grant said. “But we were definitely still well-prepared from the numerous other matches we have played and won this season.” 

Throughout the season the lineup was constantly changing, as many members of the team were injured or sick, Winiarsky said. However, during finals they thankfully had their entire lineup. “We needed new players to step in at big moments, and they did,” he said.

Another aspect that made the win even more special was celebrating their victory with (BVT) alumni who came to support the team at their final match. They were able to spend time together and take photos as a team, Meyer said. 

To celebrate their win, the team took photos together with the Ivy Champion trophy, Frangenberg said. “We were all excited, but knew we deserved it more than any other team.”