Faculty Farewells: “Another milestone” for Uhrowczik


Kate Beckler, Staff Writer

Administrative Assistant to the Department of Counseling and Guidance Christine Uhrowczik will leave the school after seven years of helping Upper Division students get the mental and emotional support they need. 

Her job involves setting up meetings between students and the faculty of the office, Uhrowczik said. “I help students, whether they are walk-ins or with scheduled appointments, and make sure there’s someone for them to speak with or make them an appointment.” Helping out the student body was always her goal, Uhrowczik said. “Seeing the kids grow, and just seeing their moods improve, even just a little, is really gratifying.”

She also works with psychologist Dr. Ian Pervil on all accommodation requests.

Uhrowczik began her journey at the school after she completed her master’s degree in school counseling. She has helped almost two cycles of high schoolers find times to meet with Counseling and Guidance, she said.

A position at the school as administrative assistant opened after she graduated. “It worked well with my life at the time and it’s been great,” Uhrowczik said.  

Uhrowczik loves the school and the people within it, she said. One of the best parts of the job is seeing students’ individual growth, she said. “If someone’s come in and had a bad day, it’s just nice to be able to help in whatever way I can.”

Most of her friendships throughout the school came from within her department, she said. “My best connections were with the members of Guidance and Counseling, Mr. Shaw from the testing center, and the members of the dean’s office.” Along with her usual duties, Uhrowczik helps to run the testing center when Test Center Coordinator Jesse Shaw is unavailable. 

Uhrowczik has a large impact on the school, Sophia Liu (10) said. Although she mainly is friends with her colleagues in the Guidance & Counseling office, she is widely loved by the student body. “I’m grateful for her because she was always really kind and helpful.”

Not only does Uhrowczik welcome students into Counseling and Guidance with a smile on her face, she also supplies chocolates to the office, Etta Singer (10) said.

There are many things she will miss about working at the school, especially after the seven great years she has spent here, Uhrowczik said. “I will miss the beautiful campus and all of my friends and colleagues at the school.” 

Like for the graduating class, this spring was a time of change and reflection for herself, Uhrowczik said. “I always look forward to hearing reports on where the kids have gone afterward and what they might be doing in their next chapter,” she said. Similar to the seniors, Uhrowczik is transitioning into the next stage in her life. “It’s another milestone,” she said.