Lions Finish Off Sping Season With a Roar

Baseball — 11-6

The Varsity Baseball team ended the season as the third-ranked team in the Ivy Preparatory League, Varsity Baseball Head Coach Matthew Russo said. Their success can be attributed to the strong team effort more than anyone’s individual play, he said. 

The team was competitive in all of its games, and even their losses were close, Aden Soroca (11). Though the team slowed down after a strong start, they bounced back to win their final six games in a row, he said.

Logan Dracos (12) led the team in steals and played very well at center field, Soroca said. 

Soroca, Theo King (12), and Sam Spector (10) all pitched very well this season and were important to the team, Russo said. In addition to strong pitching, the team had strong hitters, including Matthew Baumann (12), Max Ting (11), and Dracos. 

A highlight of the season for Soroca took place during their playoff game against nationally-ranked Poly Prep, he said. Going into the fifth inning, the score was tied 0-0, something no other team in the league had accomplished against Poly Prep, he said.

Another major moment in the season took place during a game against Collegiate at Randall’s Island. The team had three home runs in one inning, and two of them were back-to-back, Russo said.

The team improved throughout the season, Russo said. “They just got better and better each day,” he said. “They worked really, really hard. They focused on some of the little things and the approach of how to play and how to compete.” 

Boys Golf — 8-3

Despite starting out slow and with a shaky lineup, the Boys Golf team finished their season strong with a record of 8-3, Arjun Jayant (11) said. “We were able to really come back strong and get on a good winning streak.”

Their season began to turn around after a win against the Ethical Culture Fieldston School, Jayant said. “We started catching fire from then so we had a lot more confidence,” he said. “We started beating teams like Hackley and Poly.”

Matthew Grant (9) stood out to Jayant because of his advanced skill and ability as a freshman, he said. “The first few matches we were all a little shaky, but then he really started getting really confident,” Jayant said. “He really grew as a competition player and I’m really proud of the way that he handled himself.”

Jayant is particularly proud of the team’s win against Poly Prep because, although it was heated, they defeated them twice, he said. “Those were really emotional wins because there was a lot of controversy around the matches.”

The team placed seventh in the NYSAIS tournament, which was disheartening, but nevertheless they were proud of themselves, Jayant said.

The team developed close friendships as the season progressed, both because of their shared interest in golf and everybody’s welcoming and friendly attitude, Jayant said. “Everyone had their big moments,” he said. “I was really proud of the group effort that we put in and I’m looking forward to continuing taking that momentum from last year into the next season.”

Girls Golf — 3-4

The Girls Golf Team was able to build a community and support one another throughout the season despite losing some of their matches, Sofia Filardo (10) said.

One of the highlights of the season for Filardo was going to Invitationals, a tournament where all the private schools compete against each other, she said. “We didn’t win, but we still all played our best and it was a good time overall playing against a bunch of schools.”

Sophie Li (9) stood out to Filardo as a dedicated member of the team because of her commitment and overall work ethic, Filardo said. “She won the coach’s award even though she’s a ninth grader,” she said. “She’s very committed to the team – she didn’t miss a single practice.”

Audrey Carbonell (11) stood out as a player to Lily Wender (10) because, as the only upperclassman, she provided a lot of guidance and leadership to the underclassmen, several of whom were new to the sport, she said.

The team mainly consisted of underclassmen, which helped them grow close and build a strong team dynamic, Wender said. “Because we’re a younger team, mostly sophomores and freshmen, it means that the next few years we’ll also be a lot closer and tight knit which is very nice.”

Filardo was particularly proud of the teams’ win against Rye Country Day School because the team had many new players while Rye had several members who were more skilled than them, she said. “A lot of people just started playing golf, but by the end of [the season], they were scoring pretty well.”

Girls Lacrosse — 1-13

The Girls Lacrosse team had a tough season, losing most of their matches and ending up with a record of 1-13, Rachel Kuhn (12) said. 

The team had a rough start, because there were multiple new players, but throughout the season they became close friends and teammates, Kuhn said. 

Throughout the season many of the players improved their stick work and overall ability on the field, Kuhn said. “We really improved and we could move the ball around the eight meter which we just couldn’t do at the beginning of the season.”

There were a few members of the team that stood out to Kuhn because of their skill. Audrey Goldberg (10) was an essential member of the team because of her stick skills, Kuhn said. “She understands the game and she’s our best defender in my opinion,” she said.

Laila Farmer (12) also was a key player because of her abilities and strength, Kuhn said. “She’s just an athletic beast,” she said. “She’s really good at all the sports she plays and her athleticism really shines through on the field.”

The first win came on Senior Day, which made it emotional for the seniors, Kuhn said. “It was awesome to win on Senior Day and it meant a lot to me, Laila, and Scarlett as well. That was one of the best moments.”

The team always tried their hardest until the very end, she said. “In my opinion, our team never gave up one time during the season. Even if we were being [beaten] by a lot of goals we played until the very last minute.”

Boys Lacrosse — 3-11

The Boys Varsity Lacrosse Team had a slow start to their season, losing their first few games, but were able to work hard as a team and end the season with four wins, Ricky Lipsey (12) said.

The team didn’t qualify for states because of their losses, but were still proud of themselves and the progress they made throughout the season, Lipsey said. 

Lipsey was proud of the team’s goalie, Josh Baron (11), because of his skill set and how much of an asset he was to the team, he said. “All teams need a good goalie and that’s what they base themselves off on,” he said. “He made a lot of key saves throughout a lot of games.”

Another key player was Brady Winter (9) because he had experience playing lacrosse outside of school and is really talented, Lipsey said. “He was our best player by far,” he said. “He would score five goals every single game. He was just insane to watch.”

The team was particularly proud of their two wins against the Harvey School because both games went into double overtime, he said. “A real highlight from the season is winning both those games,” he said. “Those are kind of insane to win – both in double overtime.”

Despite multiple tough losses, the teams’ friendships helped to raise morale and motivate them to work hard, he said. “Everyone still was really positive,” he said. “Everyone showed up at practice, competed hard. We never gave up and that’s the really good thing about it. We always kept going and kept fighting.”

Boys Tennis — 13-1

The Boys Varsity Tennis (BVT) team have had a season filled with big wins. After starting the season with a loss, they won thirteen straight times to end with a phenomenal record of 13-1. In addition, the team won the Ivy Preparatory League in a clean sweep against Trinity with a final score of 5-0. 

Doubles pair Connor Bernard (12) and Damian Stellings (12) were crowned NYSAIS Doubles champions and will go on to represent NYSAIS in the Federal Championships.

The team’s main strategy going into all of their matches was to be confident and support each other through their games, Lukas Frangenberg (9) said. The team loves to support each other and do all that they can to help each other win, he said. 

The team was extremely confident in their ability to win a lot of matches, Frangenberg said. “We believe that we are number one in the state.” 

Throughout the season the lineup was constantly changing, as many members of the team were injured or sick, Josh Winiarsky (11) said. However, during the finals they had their entire starting lineup, he said. “We needed new players to step in at big moments, and they did.”

Max Meyer’s (11) favorite moment during the season was celebrating their victory with BVT alumni who came back to support the team at their final match, he said. To celebrate their win, the team took photos together with the Ivy Preparatory League Championship trophy, Frangenberg said. “We were all excited, but knew we deserved it more than any other tennis team.”

Outdoor Track

This year, the Boys and Girls Varsity Outdoor Track teams succeeded on and off the field as each athlete became more driven, Julia Phillips (10) said. 

Members of both teams made it to NYSAIS Championships creating an exciting end to the season, Spencer Kim (10) said. On the Boys team, six out of the eight members made the NYSAIS Competition, Kim said. Daniel Schlumberger (12) was the teams’ most successful member, placing fifth in the 400 meters and sixth in 200 meters during NYSAIS, Kim said. 

For the Girls team, Destiney Green (12), Allyson Wright (11), and Molly Zukerman (9) all made the competition. Zuckerman enjoyed NYSAIS as it allowed her to see her teammates’ work pay off and to accomplish her own goals, she said. The previous week, Zuckerman had fallen at the finish line and did not qualify, so, when she qualified at the next race, it made the moment even better, she said.  

While not everyone qualified for NYSAIS, everyone improved tremendously, Suzette Sheft (10) said. Most set their own personal records and worked hard during practices, she said.

Despite setbacks of injuries and sickness, everyone kept on pushing to have a successful season, Kim said. 

A highlight for Dylan Greenberg (10) was making it to the Ivy Championships and NYSAIS with his friends and getting faster, he said. “Track is a sport where everyone pushes each other to run faster and it feels more like a community than an individual sport.”

Rugby — 8-0

“Taking people from absolute beginners into a team that wins 65-10 is an accomplishment in itself,” Clementine Bondor (11) said. Despite having mostly new players, the Girls Rugby team won most of their games this season, finishing the season with a record of 8-1, Jojo Mignone (10) said. 

The team grew close as the season progressed, Jojo said. “I had never even met some of the girls at the beginning of the season, but now we see each other outside of school and we’re friends.” she said. “It’s nice to see people that I don’t have classes with or people that aren’t in my grade.”

To Bondor, both Catherine Mignone (12) and Jojo were stand out players because of the leadership they demonstrated, she said. “They were wonderful mentors to the rest of the team throughout the training process, because even though they came in with the most experience, they were very understanding [and] very supportive of everybody,” Bondor said.

In addition to being captain and MVP of the team, Catherine founded the team during her freshman year. Catherine is proud of the team’s bond, she said. “We really created something beautiful as a varsity sport this year.”

This season was the team’s first time playing tackle and contact since 2019, Bondor said. Players could now tackle each other instead of tapping to signify a tackle — a former COVID-19 precaution — which was intimidating for Bondor at first, she said. “There is something about quite literally throwing yourself onto another person that builds confidence. So I would say we learned a lot about the courage that it takes to play a sport.”

Boys Volleyball — 10-3

“To come off a two-year break and end the season at the state finals is quite an accomplishment,” Boys Varsity Volleyball coach Jason Torres said.

The team started off the season with a 3-1 loss to Calhoun, but managed to make tremendous progress, especially considering this was their first season in two years, Torres said.

At the beginning of the season, the team’s communication and teamwork were not great, Rowan Mally (12) said. However, by the end of the season the team had made massive strides in both of these areas, allowing them to beat Calhoun 3-2 after having lost to them during their last encounter, he said.

Patrick Stinebaugh (12) was the team’s MVP and a vocal leader throughout the season, Torres said. Mally stood out to Torres for playing around the net, making first-team all-league, and being “an intimidating factor for other teams,” he said. 

Griffin Klein (12), the setter of the team, stood out for his leadership and his setting ability, Torres said.  “It’s really hard to play volleyball without a great setter,” Mally said.

While there was limited practice time at the beginning of the season, as it went on, the team was able to refine their volleyball skills, communication, and build their team chemistry, Mally said. By the end of the season, the team played cohesively, and were contenders for the state championship, Mally said.


The Boys and Girls Crew teams practiced on the water throughout the season and ultimately attended the New York State Scholastic Championship Regatta, their first regatta since the pandemic, in Saratoga Springs. 

“Being able to participate and row the regatta in and of itself is an accomplishment because of how hard it was to get out in the water and how we were racing against more experienced teams,” Miller Harris (11) said.

The Boys team placed seventh to last and the Girls team placed third to last, which disappointed both teams, but they were proud of themselves, Harris said. It was the only regatta the team attended due to logistical issues, but they bonded and had a memorable time having dinner before the meet, he said.

The team missed two seasons of rowing due to COVID-19, but with the leadership of captains Lauren Ho (12) and Mekhala Mantravadi (12), the team was able to adapt, crew coach Chelsea Ernst said.

The most rewarding moment was seeing the race, Ernst said. “Seeing them come down the racecourse – the first race in years – was great. That was really exciting for me as a coach.”

Despite not having much practice before the regatta — the Boys Four was only able to row on the water together for three practices — they became close friends as the season progressed, Harris said. “It did take a lot of effort from all of us,” he said. “We were able to go from what was a pretty shaky boat and not knowing if we’d be able to complete the course to understanding that we can row long distances and knowing what we should be doing, which was a great improvement.”

Softball — 4-8

Despite the loss of three starters at the start of the season, the Varsity Softball team excelled throughout the season as they worked together as a team and improved constantly, Eliza Becker (12) said. 

Due to the number of players out from injuries, every player stepped up and tried different positions, not only making the team better, but allowing each player to improve individually, Zeba Packer (10) said. 

One highlight during this season was during a game against Fieldston, where the team made a comeback and scored 13 runs in one inning, Emily Weidman (10) said. The team finished that game with a score of 25-13.

A few standout players to Becker were Claire Goldberg (12) and Mia Calzolaio (12). Goldberg shined in offense as she constantly made huge hits and improved tremendously as the center fielder, Becker said. Additionally, Calzolaio’s defense and leadership played a significant role in the success of the team, she said. 

Weidman also really enjoyed how many seniors were on the team as they brought spirit and uplifted the team, she said.

Along with the big wins, the team experienced tough losses against Riverdale and Fieldston, costing them a spot in the NYSAIS tournament, Packer said. The team tragically lost by a few points at the end of the Riverdale game. 

However, despite losses, the team improved on all fronts which yielded an undoubtedly successful season, Packer said. 

Ultimate — 6-4

The Ultimate Frisbee team had a successful spring season, qualifying for DiscNY playoffs as the fourth seed and holding an overall record of 6-4, Larry Tao (11) said.

Throughout the season, the team experienced improvements as evidenced through the players’ communication and teamwork both on and off the field, Rohan Buluswar (12) said. Specifically, the team worked on their set plays, strategies, and individual skills such as throwing and catching, all helping the team succeed towards the end of the season, Buluswar said.

Divya Ponda (11) attributed much of the team’s success to the dedication of the coaches and the seniors, who helped guide the team.

The team had a few big wins, Buluswar said. In a game against Regis, the score was close, but the Lions were able to win. Similarly, in the game against Riverdale the team was first behind but they managed to win the last point, securing their spot in the first round of NYSAIS, he said. 

Devin Allard-Neptune (12), Sam Singh (11), and Sareena Parikh (12) were strong in getting open on the field and catching the disc, Tao said. Additionally, Buluswar and Nicholas Wong (11) helped the team maintain possession of the disc and throw the disc where needed, Tao said. Tuhin Ghosh (12) was an overall standout player who worked to support the team.

Ghosh appreciated how hard everyone worked to make the playoffs. This season was the first time there was a Junior Varsity and Varsity team which demonstrated the interest of the sport, allowing all players to improve regardless of their skill level, he said.