Record Recs: TV shows


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Better Call Saul: “Better Call Saul,” a prequel, sequel, and spin-off from “Breaking Bad,” follows protagonist Jimmy McGill’s descent from an earnest lawyer into a corrupt, criminal lawyer known as Saul Goodman. Jimmy becomes more and more involved with different characters and story arcs from “Breaking Bad,” before representing Albuquerque’s most notorious chemist and criminal, Walter White.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: This comedy series follows the escapades of Detective Jake Peralta and his goofy colleagues as they police the NYPD’s (fictional) 99th precinct. The pilot episode kicks off with Captain Raymond Holt taking over the 99 and its lovable squad: the talented but childish Jake Peralta, the overachieving Amy Santigao, the tough Rosa Diaz and the eccentric Charles Boyle.

Bridgerton: This show follows the Bridgertons, a wealthy family in Regency-era England, as their children search for spouses on “the marriage mart.” The latest season follows Anthony, the eldest son, on his search for a wife. It’s a great feel-good show to binge (or rewatch) whenever you need a pick-me-up.

Criminal Minds: Criminal minds is essentially 15 seasons of 42-minute long murder mysteries. The show follows a team of FBI profilers as they track down different serial killers during each episode using the killers’ behavior. It is filled with suspense and drama– overall it’s a must watch.

Good Trouble: Although this is a spinoff of the popular Freeform show, “The Fosters,” you can still enjoy this show for all its worth without having seen its parent show (but if you have, then even better!). Battling everything from workplace misogyny to an unjust legal system while navigating love and heartbreak, “Good Trouble: and its characters truly resonate with their audience.

How I Met Your Mother: The premise of the show is a dad telling the story, to his two children, of how he met their mother. He shares the comedic details of his life story, living with his best friends in NYC. It is the type of show to watch after a long day of classes!

Love Island: Love Island is a reality TV show where singles across Europe find love enclosed in a villa. For a few weeks, contestants compete in challenges, start drama, and fall in love, all while getting eliminated by the British public and one another. Love Island is a great show to binge if you need comedic relief or love juicy drama.

Manifest: In this supernatural TV show, passengers on a flight to New York experience turbulence before landing at their destination, where they learn that over five years have passed since they took off — during which they were presumed dead. Drama ensues when they reunite with their families and start to experience strange visions of the future, or “callings.” The mystery and suspense makes this show binge-worthy.

Only Murders in the Building: Featuring Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin, “Only Murders in the Building” is a Hulu show that takes place in the eccentric Arconia, an apartment building in the heart of NYC’s Upper West Side. The trio, avid listeners of a murder mystery podcast, find themselves in a murder scene. Using their detective skills, they must find whodunit.

Our Flag Means Death: Gay pirates. Gay pirates based on an 18th century (partially) true story. Their first 10-episode season is binge-able in roughly five hours — perfect for an afternoon of procrastinating on that history reading. Period pieces are basically educational…right?

The Boys: “The Boys” explores what life would be like if superheroes were real, and surprise! Underneath those perfect personas, they really suck. Luckily, “The Boys” are here to take down the corporation managing all of the superheroes to expose them and their corruption. Head explosions, laser babies, and social commentary as subtle as a sledgehammer, The Boys is a fresh take on the superhero genre that will ensure you never sleep easy again.

The OC: “The OC,” a teen drama that takes place in Orange County, CA, follows troubled teen Ryan Atwood after his wealthy lawyer, Sandy Cohen, and his family adopt him. Ryan and Seth Cohen, his once lonely adoptive brother, navigate the Newport Beach community together. With just four seasons, “The OC” is my favorite short but sweet comfort show.