Welcome Back: Board editorial


Volume 120 Board

In the spirit of transparency and in true Horace Mann — and Record — fashion, we are writing this editorial just hours before we send the newspaper to print.

Founded in 1903, The Record is our weekly student-run newspaper: a forum for discussion, a vehicle for investigation, and an exchange that helps turn the school into a community. With that power to shape school conversation comes a responsibility towards transparency, both within our organization and to you, our reader. To start, here is a look into our editorial process:

Every Friday, our section editors finalize article ideas for the next week. We assign our staff writers to them over the weekend, task them with interview sources and questions, and ask for first drafts due the coming Tuesday. If a writer asks to interview you this year, say yes! You get to add your thoughts to the mix, check it off your HM bucket list, and we get to strengthen our articles. Meanwhile, artists and photographers coordinate the art and photos that you see on the pages each week to complement our articles.

Once article drafts come in at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, editors hand back a round of edits and ask for a second draft due Wednesday. Another round of edits after that, and our writers send quote checks to confirm that everything we attribute to an interviewee is correct, then turn in final drafts by Thursday afternoon. From there, section and design editors format their content into layouts while the Head of Design, Editor-in-Chief, and Managing Editor oversee all pages and send the final copy to the printer — ideally, before the a.m.

Given that tight turnaround, we will make mistakes. If we misprint your name, misattribute your work, or otherwise mess up — let us know, and we will fix the error online and issue corrections. Want to respond to a news article? Disagree with an opinion piece? Features spread missing your perspective? Send your response as a letter to the editor to record@horacemann.org and we will publish it. And if you just have feedback about our work, email the editors or find us in person any time. We want to hear your critiques and make our paper better.

As a newspaper that serves the school, we aim to publish what you want to read. Scan the QR code, email section editors, or find us in person to pitch us your ideas. We are always looking for recruits: if you want to report, photograph, draw, design, become an opinion columnist, or try your hand at art review, check the Editorial Board box below for who to contact. The Record aims to represent the student body, both in our staff and our sourcing — we need to hear from your voices to make ours shine.

We hope you enjoy our first issue, and pick up the many more to come.

Signing off,

Emily Sun and Emily Salzhauer

Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor